Witnessing a real Ghost Story in Germany – 10 Feb 13

I already told you that I got to know quite a lot of esoteric people in 2005, western gurus, clairvoyants, channels, shamans and many more. I was several times surprised about the many strange things that people believed in. I knew that a lot of Indians were superstitious and believed in ghosts and such fantasy beings but until that point I had thought that there would not be a lot of western people of the same mindset. I did however meet a surprising amount of educated westerners who believed in such nonsense. And a lot of people who supported those thoughts and sometimes even made money out of it. Until a certain level, it did not bother me much – after all everyone is free to believe in what they want – but then there was one incident during which I had to doubt how gullible people thought I was.

One evening I was sitting together with a group of people who had stayed after an event. I think it was a meditation. They had all come to my programs for the second or third time and were very interested in India, my philosophy and just being with me, so I had invited them to stay a bit longer and talk. The center where the meditation had taken place was just next to my organizer’s home where I was staying, too, so there was no rush for getting back. My organizer had already retired to her house but as we were not far, we could sit and enjoy the evening as long as we wanted.

The soft music that had been playing during the meditation was still on and we were just enjoying talking about different philosophies when suddenly the lights and the music went off. The next second everything came back on again. We were looking at each other in surprise. In India it would not have been anything to wonder about – there are power cuts all the time. In Germany however, I had never even witnessed a flicker, electricity was supplied throughout the day without interruption. My friends said well, maybe sometimes it can happen, rarely, when there is any bigger problem. Probably something had broken and they had to switch from one line to the other in the power supply. That was the explanation which satisfied us for the moment.

We started talking but after two minutes, it happened again! We looked at each other and waited. There – a third time everything went off. This was not normal anymore. We got up to check what was happening and maybe to ask my organizer if she had noticed something like this before. When we left the meditation room however, we heard the front door close and looking out of the window I saw that a dark figure was running away. I looked closer and thought I recognized that shape, that way of moving – hey, that was my organizer running across the lawn towards her home! And yes, there she opened the door and the light shining on her face from inside the room cleared my last doubts.

Of course I had not been the only one who had seen her and there was an awkward feeling about the room. Everybody looked from the window to the door and to the fuse box, the door of which was still slightly open. What should one say to one’s guests in such a situation? We decided to call it a night and said goodbye to each other.

When everyone had left, I went over to the house, where I found her, busily reading a magazine. She greeted me, pretending to be surprised about seeing me. I asked her straight out: “Why did you turn off the electricity from the main switch?” Another fake look of big surprise: “No, that was not me! I was here the whole time! But I know,” – she lowered her voice – “this sometimes happens there. I believe it is some souls that have not found the way to the light!”

I guess my look must have been a stare of disbelief, incredulously wondering whether it made sense to argue. I decided it did not. If she was able to stage such a show, she would not just back down and admit that it was her anyway. So why to argue? I decided to just leave the topic but I made it very clear that I did not believe in such things. A strange feeling, a funny situation. Another lesson for me: there are not only superstitious people but also those who put up stunts to fuel superstition even further!

Possession by Ghost or Spirit – Reason and Cure – 15 Sep 11

Have you ever seen someone possessed by a ghost? No? I have, several times. That is at least what those people told afterwards. In no case did I actually believe this story but I have experienced that many times.

How does that look like? A person starts behaving differently than usual. He or she starts talking strange things and moving in another way. It looks as though someone else is acting from their inside and acting very funnily. Some people do that at home but more often it happens when there is a bigger crowd of people around.

There are some temples to which especially those people go who are possessed. People of Hindu religion believe that through the Mantras and special rituals of that temple, the spirit or ghost that possesses a person can leave their body again. They go there and during the service they start shaking along with the music. This in itself would not be very strange but then they open their hair, move their head quickly from side to side, jump up and start dancing and sometimes even just wildly scream around. If there are some people in a group who do this, there are also others who start doing it along and in the end you have a crowd of people who seem fully crazy or as if some spirit has possessed them. If you see such a thing for the first time, you can really get scared!

I have seen this behavior many times in my programs in India, when I gave religious lectures in front of hundreds and thousands of people. There were nearly always a few who acted in this way. Religious people believe in such possessions. It is a very common superstition that such things exist.

The gender mostly affected by this situation is the female one. How come and how does that happen? If you read my blog regularly, you know that I don’t believe in possession by spirits or ghosts and that is why I can see several reasons for women to come into this situation.

One of the reasons is the suppression of women which still happens in many parts of India, especially in smaller towns or villages. Women grow up and learn from their mothers, sisters and aunts that they are not allowed to show their face in front of men. They wear a veil. They learn not to talk to men or in front of men. They remain silent.

Women who suppress their feelings and themselves in this way can someday explode and then they can do this kind of drama to finally get attention. A ghost that has possessed a woman is a good excuse for her to do anything she wants. Finally she is seen in a world in which she is normally invisible. She is the center of the conversation when she is normally always at the side of the room, silent and hardly noticed.

I have seen women take out their anger in this way. They tear apart their clothes, rip apart their veil, shake their hair and say whatever they want. Others have to listen and believe a ghost or spirit has taken control.

Other women use this method to get what they want. They are unsatisfied and have unfulfilled wishes and if they manage to create the drama of being possessed, they can say what they want and their family, believing that this is not the woman speaking but a higher being, does what she says.

In this way the woman can be someone special. Some of them even do it regularly, every week or every month. This woman pretends to be a channel for a ghost or spirit in that time. Some people had the business idea to market that, told others about it and this is how the idea of clairvoyants and channelings started, which is now so popular in the west. When they get more successful, they are called holy and can make really a lot of money with their drama.

For family members who get afraid and who don’t want to make business out of this, it can be very scary and a big problem though. There are healers, just like exorcists, who are then called to get the ghost out of that poor women. This practice can be very cruel. They hit and beat them until the drama is over. It is sad to see this happening still in this country and it happens because of a lack of education.

Some people do business, others do it to feel special, others do it to take out their anger but there are also some who really have a disease. This problem is called multiple personality disorder and is a serious psychological problem. There is a person with an identity but inside, this person feels there is someone else. From time to time this ‘second character’ comes to the front and they act as though they are someone else. Again, people with a lack of education will not understand that this can be a disease.

It is a disease that can be cured or at least helped but surely not by those ‘healers’.

This problem shows several issues of our society and problems that we have to work on. We have to make women stand equally besides men and stop suppressing them. We have to bring education to people so that they can recognize a disease and make it possible for the patient to get cure. And last but most importantly of all we need to stop religion from spreading the superstition that there could be a ghost or spirit possessing a person.

Attention Seekers Get Healed by not Getting Attention – 16 Aug 10

Throughout the year there are many people who come to the Ashram, stay for a while and leave again and of course, whenever people are together, there is something going on, something that moves the hearts and makes the mind work. Sometimes it happens though that people sit together in a group, we all are talking, there is some topic going on but suddenly one woman starts crying without obvious reason. Everybody stops talking and everybody turns around to look at her. Some get up to hug her, others get tissues. Finally she calms down a little bit and can sob the words ‘Oh, just some old stuff is coming up’.

That is the only explanation that you will get from her. You can keep on asking if there is a problem with the husband, there is a problem with friends, if she had any difficulties in her job or anything else but there will be nothing to say. I often feel in this kind of situation that a person wanted to get attention very badly and got it through crying.

In Hindi we have a saying ‘Smoke never exists without fire’. It is fully fine if anybody is sad at the Ashram, we give him or her time to go through the pain and find out of it. Especially when you are participating in the Ayurveda Yoga Holiday and are cleansing the body, you are going through a process and you may think of changing your life to the better, which at first can bring tears. However if it is all old stuff that comes up without any reason, then the reason is most probably attention.

Ramona joked and said she is always happy when people say ‘oh, only old stuff’, because then you can be sure that everything is okay. They do not have a problem at the Ashram or feel sad here, they just enjoy crying.

If you don’t feel like consoling them, just say: ‘Okay, then I give you some time for yourself!’ even if they did not ask for it. Turn around and go. Don’t give them attention but give them some time alone, you will see, they will be healed very quickly.

I have seen women in India, who wanted to attract attention in a group and suddenly a spirit came into them. Suddenly they behave fully funny, roll their eyes or start making animal noises, shake their head and body like wild and in some cases start talking as if they were their own grand-parents or other ancestors. This is the case in India because people are not educated and believe that this happens. Additionally women are often living in the background, not important and not given any attention. In this kind of situation they get their attention from all sites. Also in this case, not paying attention heals the illness, however it can be difficult to convince everybody that this might be a good cure.

Really, I have spoken about this topic with many friends and it just never happens to me and many more that we started crying with absolutely no reason and surely not in a group and I just don’t believe that spirits take over a person’s body. Be natural, be authentic and live your feelings, you know I always encourage that. If you have the feeling that you need attention ask yourself why it is like this. Discover the reason behind that, I tell you, it will make your life nicer. Then you can enjoy being together simply in love, maybe with tears of joy.

A Business Idea: Reconnecting Souls that Split Apart – 30 Jul 10

Everybody is free to believe whatever he or she wants. This is the beauty of this world – we all are different. One may believe in souls while the other one doesn't and some people can even believe in spirits talking to them. What I do not like though is when there is someone who makes this his business and spreads fear to increase his or her business. Then it is not about any belief anymore and then there is not any tolerance for other people’s belief either.

Some people believe in ghosts, which means that when a person dies his soul does not leave this world but it stays on earth. If a person tells others that there are ghosts that haunt you and create problems for you, I believe he just wants to make others afraid. If he sells his remedy on top of it, I am sure that he has business in the mind and not really the well-being of others.

Another belief is that your soul can be split into parts and this happens always when you have a traumatic experience like an accident, being raped, divorce of your parents, a family member to whom you were very close and who died. Allegedly there are people who can get these soul parts back for you but of course you pay for it. They are the ones who unite your soul again and only then you are complete. All your problems are related to the fact that you are missing parts of your soul. Even if you cannot remember any traumatic experience, it is very convenient for those who do this business that everybody has at least one of them: your birth. So even if there is nothing else wrong in your life, you definitely miss one soul part! At least one session you have to take!

I just don’t believe that there is any such mysterious thing in you which can harm you or which can split in parts that you then miss. Again I have to say that I simply believe in love – that's it!

Creative Spiritual Excuses for not Quitting an Addiction – 27 Jul 10

Once there was a woman with me for a spiritual healing session who had a very common problem with a very unusual explanation for it. She said she wanted to quit smoking. I am often asked by people who have the question ‘How do I quit smoking?’ and I always tell them that it is their own decision. You need to decide and then have the willpower to do it.

This woman understood this point and told me that many people said to her that it was a thing of the mind, which I also had explained. ‘But with me, I think, it is something different!’ When I asked her in which way she described that always when she wanted to quit smoking, there were spirits around her, talking to her and telling her that it was okay if she smoked another cigarette. They urged her to stay in her addiction and she could not do anything else!

I told her straight away that I do not believe in this at all. I basically do not believe that there are ghosts that tell us what to do and what not to do and don’t you think, if there were any, they would have something better to do than telling you to smoke your cigarettes? No, you are fooling yourself and others into believing this so that you have an excuse to keep your addiction.

Ramona said afterwards that when she translated this point she was afraid the woman would get up and leave the room because of my direct answer. This was quite possible but she just sat there for a moment and then said ‘You know, I think you are right! I have had this situation that I was sleeping and woke up with the thought that ghosts are there. I felt as if they started choking me and I got panic. But then I somehow relaxed and realized that they are not there. I just had a very bad time with much stress and some problems which I suppressed instead of expressing them. I had to change my thinking and as soon as I did and expressed them, I felt much better and the ghosts were gone! I guess they never really existed.’

So you see, this lady realized herself that she only imagined those ghosts. She knew that this could be but still she used this as an excuse for her nicotine addiction. I have heard this kind of excuses from alcoholics, too, who said that spirits of deceased relatives and ancestors wanted to drink, not really they themselves. How creative people become when they need to find a reason to stick to their addiction!

The woman was then very happy that I have been so direct and I hope it helped her to finally quit smoking. The human mind searches for a way to trick not necessarily others but definitely to trick you!

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Was that a ghost or…? – 4 Feb 10

In the last days something strange happened to my grandmother. She lives at the Ashram and has her room at the ground floor so she doesn’t have to walk any stairs. She likes to sit out in the sun during the day and sometimes she also goes to join my mother with preparations for the food. During midday she is used to have a nap.

In the last days when she came back into her room after being out for some time she saw that her bed sheet and blanket were wet. Not soaking wet but there was water like sprinkled over some parts of the bed. We and she were wondering very much how that could happen. We looked if water was dripping from the ceiling or from the fan but there was nothing. We thought someone must put water onto her bed but why would anybody at the Ashram do that? We did not have any answer so we just decided to watch how often it will happen.

Today when Naniji, our grandmother, was sleeping and we were sitting in the office and were working we saw through the window how Suraj was playing outside in the garden. In the midday time the Ashram is often a little bit more quiet because many are taking a break or a nap.

So Suraj was playing out there and we saw him grab a piece of earth, pick it up and walk towards Naniji’s door. Having arrived there he turned and looked in all directions if anybody was watching him. When he thought he was unwatched, he put down the earth, broke it into small pieces and dust and started putting it under Naniji’s door. He did a lot of effort to make sure that all earth went into the room, then got up, cleaned his hands on his pants and ran away, off to new adventures. We were standing at the window and were laughing so hard that our stomachs started aching. Well, we were sure that it was not any ghost who put that earth into Naniji’s room!

Ghosts, Exorcism and Possessions – 8 Dec 09

It is strange sometimes when I think about fake gurus and what people also in the west imagine when they say they go to a healer. Some people ask me about ghosts and others about love spells. This kind of belief seems sometimes very old-fashioned to me.

The other day Purnendu showed me an advertisement on TV in which a woman had an epileptic seizure. People standing around, who believed that a ghost has possessed her, held a shoe in front of her nose because they believe that this will drive the ghost away.

You see, in India it is still a very common ignorance and the belief in this kind of ghosts that occupy the bodies is still big. When I told Ramona about the measures that are taken to exorcize these ghosts, she told that the same thing happened in the name of Christianity in many years ago, too, before medicine finally could solve questions like these. But here in villages it is still very bad.

Sometimes it can be very crucial such an exorcism and those who do it are ‘special tantric people’. They claim that only they have the power to do this and they even beat the one who is lying there and who is actually ill, who needs medical help. It is crazy, there is no ghost going in or out, please help this person, bring him or her to a doctor!

I am happy that this is not anymore like this in the west and that it is getting less here in India, too, but I see how many people in the west are afraid of ghosts occupying their bodies. But unfortunately there are still people who believe in this and those who make their business with this and keep the fear alive for it. Don’t be afraid of this, it doesn’t exist! It is an old belief. Believe in love.

Magic Healing, Writing with Ghosts and more Cheating – 12 Jun 09

I heard from somebody that some people even claim that they can make statues bleed. I said ‘why do they only make them bleed, can they make the pee, too?’ It is so funny that people go to them. How come people believe in these fake things? Because they are looking for a miracle. They want to change their lives like magic. And this is why they always expect magic.

I know that people also turned away from me when they got to know that I do not believe in this kind of wonder. I believe in wonderful love. I do not appreciate it when people claim to do this kind of miracles or wonders.

I have seen healers who always have a group of people with them like a theatre group. Wherever they go, the members of the group go, too. Depending on the status of the healer, the size of the group is between 10 to 1500 people. They have a full setup. These group members go to a program in wheelchairs and on crutches, sit in the audience at different places and when the healer comes to them and ‘heals’ them, a miracle happens and they start leaving their wheelchair and their crutches and walk through the room, displaying the greatest amazement and wonder about this miracle. It is impressive for the rest of the audience and later on the whole group will move on to another place, just like a circus.

I was on a fair and especially on these occasions you meet so many people like this. You also hear from some who say that spirits are working for them. On the name of this spirit they do everything and it is very easy: you are not responsible and have a good excuse for everything. I even heard people claim that a spirit wrote a book through them. And this is very good, the spirit has done the work and the profit of selling it goes to them. I know what I am talking about. Some people come from India, some are from here and they create doubts and confusion in other people’s minds. I know also that they don’t like me and don’t wish me well. But I will say what I feel. For people, for honesty and for love.