Paid 20000 Euro for getting your Life fixed and it never happened? – 12 Mar 12

I sometimes receive mails in which people ask me to fix their relationships which are not working well anymore. In other mails people tell me that they are in love with a boy or a girl and they would like me to bring them together. Some people want to have spells to get rich and successful. Again others ask me in mails to send energy to heal diseases, balance their lives, to get them a job and more. Sometimes they want it for free, sometimes they ask me what my fees would be for such services.

I thought it would be good to write a very clear blog post about this matter and just tell people that I do not do this. I of course do counseling with people. That could be even on phone but usually it is when I sit in front of the person. Sometimes it is couples whom I counsel – together or separately – and with my advice, my words and maybe a different point of view, I help them heal their relationship. In the same way I help people to realize their thinking patterns and to change them and thus change their lives.

What I don’t do though is to send spells because I think that would be fooling people. I also don’t ‘get someone to love you’. It is impossible to force love on someone – how should that work, even if I knew that person and he or she was standing in front of me? What I don’t do either is to ‘send energy’ and to charge for it. That, in my opinion, would be cheating, too. You cannot expect that you send someone money and he will fix your life. It just doesn’t work! You are trying to find an easy way out without taking responsibility.

With most people who ask this however I feel that they are in reality victims and were cheated. Most of them tell me that they had already been in touch with some guru, swami or healer and had sometimes paid enourmous amounts of money to those cheaters – but nothing happened! They paid 20000 Euro to someone to fix their energy fields or they paid 10000 Dollar to someone who said he would get them a partner!

I get amazed when I read those numbers. They pay this much money to those people but they would never give this much money to support children, to give food and education and to help a child improve his or her life!

Another thing that I am always surprised about is that we are not talking about people of a small Indian village who live sometimes without running water. We are talking about people from developed European countries. They have been to school and they are educated but they want to believe those cheaters. Why would those guys not increase their business and charge more and more as long as there are people to give?

I want to warn you from those people. They can have different faces and present themselves in many different ways. They come to you with the mask of spirituality, of religion or of God. Their background can be Christian, Hindu or anything else. Their shop could be small or very big. They could have ten people following or millions. They usually offer something that you don’t have to do anything for, it sounds like magic and it costs a lot. It can involve past lives or parts of your soul. It is not always easy to recognize them but before you put thousands of Euros or Dollars into their hands, please think again and decide more wisely!

You Are Complete as You Are – 1 Aug 10

When I write as I have been writing in the last diary entries, some people ask me what they should do if they cannot trust in their therapists or healers. They realize that those people to whom they go for spiritual advice simply try to make them afraid in the way that I was writing about in the last days and also before.

I understand this problem. Where can you turn if you want to heal in a way that a doctor cannot tell you? What do you do if those of whom you think they know turn out to be cheating or at least not truly interested in your benefit?

My answer to this is simple but it can be difficult for some, too. You need to trust in love and find it in yourself. You have everything in you that is necessary for you to go on your path of healing or of love and light.

Sometimes it is difficult to see that we can go deep into ourselves and there find a source of peace and love. However one time when you are there, you will realize it and you will feel that what I call God. Meditation is a good method to reach there, Mantras are, too, and a wonderful daily practice: remember that you have this love inside, bring it to the outside! You do not need any fake therapist or healer, you are complete as you are!

Supernatural Healing Powers or just Nature – 22 Feb 10

Yesterday I talked about physical problems, about illnesses with which people went to healers for getting them cured. It is not only diseases but also psychological problems which then sometimes got healed like a miracle. As I said, it was usually not any miracle but just the natural strength of the body but the full credit went to the healer. It is nowadays unfortunately also still like that when people go to ‘modern healers’. And then the healer pretends that it was him who could heal.

I always say that it is dangerous to have this ego and think that you have this supernatural power. People might now say that I have done the same thing, that I was also in the guru business, in a kind of fake world. And I can say yes, I was doing the same thing but I changed.

Everybody has the right and also the task to change, to constantly work on improving himself, to develop the mind further and to get closer to truth. I changed and I do not believe anymore in the way that I did healing sessions and healed people before. Nowadays I have a very different approach, I like to be there for people to talk to, I like to sit in meditation with them or just be in silence. And a person who was in this drama can tell you best about it.

I was in the middle of this religious drama but today I feel that the real healing power is in each of you yourself. The right time, the right company, a loving touch, a hug and sharing words and emotions with the right person can help your healing process, that is true! But after this I would never take the ego of saying ‘I cured this, I did it, I healed.’ We are all a big family and if we are together and help each other, we can overcome a lot of problems, just with love.

Today was our friend Juergen's birthday and he sponsored food for the children and their sisters and brothers.

Do Not Cheat Yourself – 30 Jan 09

I like to work. In India many people nowadays become preachers or Swamis in a very fast way. They don’t really want to learn or study anything, they want to make money. This is how they look for a shortcut and they find it by just learning some hours of talk by heart which they have heard on a cassette a dozen of times. When they know this text by heart they just go and give this speech. They get their money although nobody of them can answer any question about what they just said.

Somehow I see this also in the west where people, who want to make a living in a quick and easy way, become healer, psychic and clairvoyant. Everybody has to do something in his life to survive, to earn money and to live, I understand that. I don’t understand however why people cheat themselves.

If all the people who do predictions and say that they have extraordinary powers are that much blessed with these powers, then why can’t they help our society in a more creative way? I could have been really very happy if someone could have predicted what happened in Haiti. Then we could have saved so many people and would have saved so many more from much grief and sadness. No, I don’t think it is possible and unfortunately there are still so many people who are cheating others and also themselves in this way.

Ghosts, Exorcism and Possessions – 8 Dec 09

It is strange sometimes when I think about fake gurus and what people also in the west imagine when they say they go to a healer. Some people ask me about ghosts and others about love spells. This kind of belief seems sometimes very old-fashioned to me.

The other day Purnendu showed me an advertisement on TV in which a woman had an epileptic seizure. People standing around, who believed that a ghost has possessed her, held a shoe in front of her nose because they believe that this will drive the ghost away.

You see, in India it is still a very common ignorance and the belief in this kind of ghosts that occupy the bodies is still big. When I told Ramona about the measures that are taken to exorcize these ghosts, she told that the same thing happened in the name of Christianity in many years ago, too, before medicine finally could solve questions like these. But here in villages it is still very bad.

Sometimes it can be very crucial such an exorcism and those who do it are ‘special tantric people’. They claim that only they have the power to do this and they even beat the one who is lying there and who is actually ill, who needs medical help. It is crazy, there is no ghost going in or out, please help this person, bring him or her to a doctor!

I am happy that this is not anymore like this in the west and that it is getting less here in India, too, but I see how many people in the west are afraid of ghosts occupying their bodies. But unfortunately there are still people who believe in this and those who make their business with this and keep the fear alive for it. Don’t be afraid of this, it doesn’t exist! It is an old belief. Believe in love.

Psychics need Psychotherapists – 7 Dec 09

Yesterday I wrote that many people have this ego problem that they even invent some special powers or abilities that nobody else has. And I said often that people who work as healers like to create fear first and then heal it.

Often they tell great stories of past lives, of ghosts and of more beings that they mostly invent or which they read about or saw on TV. And why do they make these great stories? Because they have to make their clients feel important, too! They will make them feel that they, too, are someone better, greater or just simply different than the others. They tell that they were some popular king’s secret lover in a past life who was murdered viciously or that they are being attacked by some kind of bad beings which only feel attracted by their energy. Another way is to tell them that some black magician is attacking them psychically. And of course they are the ones who can heal this.

Well, I think if you have read the last days’ diary entries you will know what I think about this. I don’t believe that any psychic can attack you, that is either your fear or an excuse. This can be cured, just with love.

I admire more the psychiatrist and psychotherapist than any psychic and think that people who claim that they are psychic need the help of a psychologist. I think everybody is a healer because everybody has the love inside himself to heal. I believe we all are unique but we all are one.

Why do you search in the outside for a reason to be special? Please see that your love inside your heart makes you special. Everybody has this love, there is no better or bigger love, it is the same but it is special. Don’t let anybody make you afraid and most of all, love yourself!

Healers and their Explanation when their Healing Fails – 1 Dec 09

Yesterday I talked about the fascination for ‘guruism’ that I often see in the west. And it is not only there, here, too, people who have nothing else to do often easily become preacher and then become a guru by finding followers and disciples. If you can do a few magic tricks it will even work faster.

I saw in the west that there are also many people who don’t know what else to do or don’t want to do anything else and then they often have the idea to announce themselves as healers. And they announce that they have extra abilities that normal people do not have. Of course this is something that nobody can prove.

I know also that some healers give strange answers when asked about their healing. If it fails to work and a patient comes and asks, there is always this kind of explanation: healing works with trust and if it didn’t work, you didn’t have enough trust.

Additionally these people are often good talkers who can tell stories about past lives which they can heal and similar things which nobody can know anything sure about. I have written about it before but I believe this is a serious and important topic because people have fear of many things like this.

Please go into your heart, find the love there and then look around you to find reality, no matter what past life was there or which doubts were created about your beliefs. You are you, you have your love, God will take good care of you, in this you can trust.

It is getting more and more cold now, we have again taken out warmer clothes for winter and now the teachers started giving classes outside in the garden, where the sun warms the backs of the students while they are learning.

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