How does religious Hate turn into Violence like in Oslo? – 26 Jul 11

Yesterday I wrote about the mass killer Andres Behring Breivik who killed so many people in Norway. In court he yesterday spoke, as expected, without any remorse or guilt. I read some articles about his manifesto and read that he mentions India many times in his writing. He suggests that anti-Muslim parties and organizations all over the world should work together, Jews in Israel, Buddhists in China, Hindu nationalists in India and Christian fundamentalists in Europe and the USA.

It seems he is impressed by the Hindu nationalists in India and even mentions the websites of BJP and RSS. Many of their members are already accused of spreading Hindu terrorism, some even confessed and now face charges for their crimes.

I mentioned yesterday already that such thoughts and attitudes are everywhere in the world, in every country and culture. In India we can feel and see that very clearly already, every time when there are riots and attacks for religious reasons. In this article I was shocked to read that a former member of parliament of the BJP, B. P. Singhal, stated ?I was with the shooter in his objective, but not in his method. If you want to attract the nation?s attention, surely you need to do something drastic and dramatic, but not killing people.?

I want to ask especially such narrow-minded Hindu nationalists whether they have forgotten the Mantra ?Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam?, which comes from Hindu scriptures and was taught in my childhood in primary school, too. It means ?Our planet is one family?. Where in this Mantra is space for such ideas?

You see, the ideas are the same, this Indian man already has the same way of thinking as that man who shot down young kids! Breivik may have been mentally a bit more sick and took the step to take a gun and shoot down people but the basic attitude can be found elsewhere, too!

These thoughts and actions can be from any religious group towards any other group. In one country Muslims fight against Christians, in the other country Hindus fight against Muslims and in another country other religious groups fight each other. It doesn?t matter which religion they belong to and which religion they are fighting against, they have something in common: their hate.

Seeing this extent of hate all over the world is appalling but it is reality. How many people have died because of such hate? How many are dying each day? It is not the spreading of any religion that we should stop but it is the spreading of this hate which we need to put a halt to. Such ideas can be in anybody, your neighbor, your co-worker or the person standing next to you in the supermarket.

How can we stop the violence resulting from such ideas? I have an appeal to make to psychotherapists, brain researchers and scientists: I believe this readiness to kill a person because of this hate is a kind of sickness. Find out what the cause is for this sickness. Many people voice their anger but there are only some who start taking weapons in their hands and kill others to make their point. What is happening in their brains? Is there a way that you could recognize this attitude before? Is there an option to see whether a person with such hate will become violent or not?

I believe that it is a psychological sickness but it is triggered by something. What happened that makes them kill others? If we can find out the reason for this sickness, we have a chance to treat them. Of course no killer will come to the police or to doctors before his crime to tell them he has this mental sickness. This is why only finding a treatment is not the way. We need to find the reason for this psychological problem and then treat this. The solution will be to change our society. To change the way that children grow up, change the educational system or how we treat each other even in our adulthood. To remove that factor that lets the hate increase until they become violent.

The only thing that we can do now however is to be tolerant and in love ourselves. We need to actively practice this tolerance and compassion. We need to teach love to our children and to keep a close eye on the people around us, discouraging them from any similar ideas. Realize that we are one world and all are humans, not divided by race, colour, language, culture or religion. Keep in mind that we all are human.

Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev – Compassion and Love through God – 2 Nov 09

Today is full moon and a very special full moon day which is also celebrated like a festival of light in India. It is the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev. He was a great soul born in 1469. His followers are called Sikh. His teachings are very beautiful and he actually says that there are no differences in casts or religions and that everybody is human.

God has created all of us and he didn’t make any difference among us, then why do we make borders in between each other? Why does human create this if God did not make it? Who has the right to make these categories and divide humankind like this, if God didn’t do that? We all are same. Compassion and love is the main thing that we should all have and aim for. We should do our effort and do our duty, take our responsibility.

Remembering the name of God is according to him the way to reach Him and for this he encourages people to do japa, saying the name of God with each bead of a mala. I have read his literature and I like his way and simplicity. He gives the message of love and oneness.

Unfortunately his followers made their own religion out of his teachings although he was always talking against it, against the separation of people by traditions and religions. It is ironic how things like this develop and a fully new identity based on religion is created.

We will also have the full moon meditation today and I will go into the cave soon to meditate with all the people around the globe again.

Forgiving can be the biggest Lesson – 27 May 09

I always say that we should express our emotions. Even if it is sadness or anger which is normal and often comes with disappointment. But another great quality of human is forgiveness. We need to learn to forgive. Anger can only burn you from inside, but if you want to have peace, you need to forgive. And this you also have to start from yourself.

Many times and in many situations we don’t even forgive ourselves and even punish ourselves. But we often also want to punish others. You can imagine what kind of lesson you can give the other one if you forgive. You punish because the other one ‘has to get a lesson’. But forgiveness can be a much bigger lesson than any punishment.

In many religions God is shown and imagined as a judge who punishes but I see God as full of love and compassion. He has the great quality of forgiveness and always forgives us even though we do mistakes. He loves us, embraces us and forgives us. You should also learn to forgive yourself, then you will be able to forgive others. Because you can see that if you were in that situation, you would also forgive yourself. Why would you not be able to forgive others then?

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Feedback and Experiences of new and old Vegetarians – 8 Feb 09

After the diary entries of the last days I got many responses and reactions from people and I am very happy to see the success of my effort for vegetarianism. It is wonderful to see that my diary touches many people’s hearts. A person wrote ‘Swami ji, for a long time I was trying to stop eating meat and be vegetarian. I knew it was not right for me but somehow I did not have the courage to change something. Your words gave me the energy to finally take this decision.’ Yes my dear, it is not about trying, it is a decision and I am happy that you could make it.

Another person wrote ‘I also want to be fully vegetarian and I don’t eat meat at home but when I go out and everybody is there and eats something with meat, I also eat the same. Otherwise I feel separate from everyone else. ’ It is very good that you don’t eat meat at home but as I said in the last days’ diary, you cannot be half vegetarian. Why do you hesitate or feel ashamed to tell the people with whom you are going out that you don’t eat meat? You should be proud of yourself to tell this to others and it is very good to be different. You are not like everybody else and if you are strong in your decision and if you have this confidence to stand by this decision people will respect it and you will definitely find another arrangement for you. You will not be hungry because you are vegetarian.

One vegetarian person also wrote and thanked me for writing openly about this. She has been vegetarian for a long time, sees the benefit of this in a spiritual way and in matters of health and thus encourages people to be vegetarian, too. From a couple who are very close to my heart I heard that after reading the diary they decided to be vegetarian. And here, the eleven years old girl Celina said to her mum and Regina told me that she also becomes vegetarian now. I am very happy about that.

Maybe my words may seem hard to many people and they might not like to read it. But they touch the heart and I say this intentionally because only if they touch the heart they can make a decision. Still I want to say to all of my friends who eat meat: I love you all, no matter what you eat. But of course I want to encourage you and invite you to be vegetarian and show your love and compassion for nature.

Today was the last evening in Tornesch. We had a really lovely week together with Regina and her family. Four generations live together in two houses next to each other. This harmony among generations is very rare here and it is wonderful to see. The youngest member of this family, Celina, said that she loved our food but would like to go to a restaurant on the last evening so we went to Hamburg near the Reeperbahn to have dinner in an Indian restaurant. It was great food and the cook exactly cooked as we wanted. Afterwards we were searching for ice-cream but it was Sunday night in winter so many cafes were closed. Then we decided to drink hot chocolate instead and to have some ice-cream back at home.

If you eat Animal, why not Human? – 7 Feb 09

Six years ago, when my English was not very good yet, I met a couple in New Zealand. The woman was vegetarian and I just normally asked the husband, too, if he was vegetarian. He replied ‘No, I like my meat’. And in the first moment I thought he really eats his own meat. And then I thought yes, maybe if you can eat cows and pigs, then you can also eat cats and dogs and maybe then it doesn’t matter if you eat your own meat, too. Maybe, if you eat 50 Gram of yourself each day you can survive quite a while.

I have read that thousand years ago people were eating human meat in many places of this world. Now they say that they are civilized and they do not eat human flesh. I hope the consciousness grows more and they realize that they should not eat animals either. We have changed many old habits which were wrong and we should always keep doing that.

As I said yesterday it sometimes surprises me that people who call themselves spiritual and who talk about love and who have sensitivity for others in their heart are not vegetarian. Again I need to say that for me this is not a question of health. I tell people not to take drugs or smoke or drink alcohol. I give good advice because of your health. But being vegetarian is a question of love, compassion and spirituality.

I admit it, I do not have a good feeling about it when someone eats meat. Sometimes this situation comes and I cannot afford it when on my dinner table a piece of meat is lying. I have to be honest with myself, I don’t feel good when those whom I love, who are around me eat meat. There is no compassion and love, they kill someone to fill their stomach. I know that I cannot change the whole world from my talking. But I feel it is not good. If my friend cannot change from non-vegetarian to vegetarian, why do I have to change and stop talking about it? They know themselves it is wrong and I know many people who feel guilty about it but they still keep doing this.

So if through reading these lines someone starts reconsidering becoming vegetarian and if somebody sees that everyone can live healthily and well without killing animals for food, I will be very happy.

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You are either fully Vegetarian or not at all! – 6 Feb 09

A person asked Ramona ‘Are you fully vegetarian?’. She said yes, of course, and I added that you cannot be 50% vegetarian. Either you are vegetarian or you are not. Another person at the dinner table agreed and said ‘I am also not 50% pregnant’.

How often do I hear ‘I am not 100% vegetarian’? Yesterday I said that vegetarianism is not about health but about sensitivity. I know I am repeating myself but I want to repeat it. Animals also have feelings. You see it, you give them love, they give you love, they just have another body but the soul is same. If you kill and eat them you could also eat human. What does it mean if somebody says ‘I am not 100% vegetarian’, ‘I eat meat only when I go out’, ‘I don’t eat too much meat’ or ‘I only eat fish’? In these statements between the words you can feel the sound of guilt.

I can guarantee that all sensitive people who eat meat have this guilt in some corner of their heart. They have this, they feel it is wrong but they cannot make their decision. They are not ready to make this change. They just follow their old patterns and system. Yes, you are only eating, not killing but then someone killed for you.

I have many friends around the globe who eat meat. And I love them and hope they will not be angry about this statement of me. I pray to God that someday they can develop their consciousness more and feel their compassion and love for every soul. Mother Earth gives us food with all necessary vitamins, proteins and simply everything for living a healthy life without killing.

Children have the Natural Sensitivity for Being Vegetarian – 5 Feb 09

Yesterday in the school, one girl of twelve years asked me what I eat. I replied that I only eat vegetarian food. Then she said that she also had been vegetarian for a long time. I remembered two other children of the same age and what they were saying about food. I love children, their sensitivity and their soft heart. I want to tell you about two statements.

One eleven years old girl once said ‘I don’t eat any animal that I caress.’ She wanted to say that she would never eat a rabbit because she was stroking one. But she was never really in touch with a pig or a cow. This girl has the consciousness and this loving feeling for animals. There is this sensitivity but from the society, culture and the surrounding she did not learn what is right and wrong. She feels this herself for a cat which is lying in her lap or a rabbit which is eating out of her hand. If she develops further she can fully realize her love for animals and also for those animals that she did not touch yet.

I feel parents should show the right way and take the child to a farm where she can stroke them, caress them and love them. Then she will see that she should not eat these animals and that they are nothing else or any less valuable lives than her cat at home. Why can you eat a cow, not a cat?

Another time we cooked and there was a girl who was also eleven years old. She was not sure if she would like the tofu which we used. We gave her a small piece to try and she said ‘Oh, it tastes like meat!’ Ramona said to her ‘Yes, and no animal had to die for it.’ And when her father came home and we were all sitting together on the dinner table she told her father ‘You know, they used tofu, it tastes similar like meat. But no animal had to die for it.’ She was very happy about this and enjoyed the food very much.

I want to say that from the innocent statements both children showed how soft and full of compassion their hearts are. One child is happy when she knows that it tastes like meat but no animal had to die and the other one also does not want to eat meat when she has a connection with that animal. For me being vegetarian is a matter of sensitivity, not only of health.

Spiritual Seekers Divided into Four Categories – 11 May 08

Yesterday you could read about four different kinds of questioners. With my work I really meet many spiritual people and these too, you could divide into four different types:

Type number one are the seekers. I also call them spiritually confused people. They are searching God everywhere and go from one seminar to another, from one healer to the other and never get what they want. They will never be satisfied. All the spiritual input that is on the market they absorb but are never satisfied.

People of the second type are good disciples. They are followers and if you read the last weeks of my diary you know that I like to think of these people as sheep. They need someone to tell them what to do and where to go.

Then there is the third type, the intellectuals. Always hungry for knowledge they are reading one book after the other and like to discuss and argue about the content. They make spirituality a mind game.

Number four are devotees. And I am talking about those who are devoted to love or God, not to a master or guru. They surrender themselves to love, they surrender their ego. In their heart there is so much love and compassion which they want to spread.

From all four types of people the last type I would call the real spirituals. You cannot find God if you are searching in the outside like the seekers do. You will not find love it you are in the mind like the intellectuals. Knowledge is not that important as knowing yourself. And followers are blind and missing the originality because they are hiding behind others. No, only the fourth type feels God inside and feels the love in the heart. They are in the feelings, not in the mind or the outside, They are not copying anyone. Only with this compassion and love, when you see God in yourself, in others and in love, then you are really spiritual.

Today Garrett from Ireland was here for a healing session. He visits me nearly each time when I am in Lüneburg and takes two or three healing sessions. When I met him the first time he had been suffering many years from depression and the healing sessions helped him a lot. He is fully fine now but he loves to come for the healing energy. I like his Irish humor. He asked me if people have Alzheimer’s in India too or if it was a western problem because of the culture and because everybody here seems to be living in the mind. After a long time the mind is tired. I said that there, too, there are cases of Alzheimer’s but I heard that here it is very frequent. And Garrett told that in the 80’s people said that smoking can prevent you from getting Alzheimer’s. However the only reason for this would be that you die of lung cancer before you get old. We laughed. I love this kind of humor.

Sin of Hurting others – and when it is not a Sin – 12 Apr 08

In the very popular scripture Shree Ram Charit Manas there is a phrase which I actually find important for everyone to make it part of the life:

Parhit Saris Dharam nahi Bhai
Parpida Sam Nahi Adhamai

The first part means: There is no religion like helping others.
This means that it is the best and greatest religion to do good for others. Going to the temple or the church regularly does not make you religious. Not everyone who shows himself being religious is a religious person. You are religious when you have compassion in your heart for helping others, when you are wishing them well and are giving your effort to make this wish come true.

The second part means: There is no sin like hurting others.
It is the biggest sin to give pain to someone. I already wrote in my diary that I do not generally agree with the normal definition of sin which is mostly coined by the church or religion. But hurting someone, this I see as a sin.

There are two cases in which it is not like this. If you hurt someone unintentionally, if someone feels pain but you did not want to do this. Then it is very good to say sorry because you had no plan to hurt anyone. It will be honest to say sorry in this case.

The second case in which is it no sin is, when you can say with full honesty that you do not feel responsible for the other person's pain. Sometimes people blame you that you hurt them but you can say that you are really not responsible for that. That you did not do anything which could hurt someone. And if you do not feel any guilt or responsibility for their pain then there is no reason to say sorry.

But this phrase is saying if you hurt someone it is the biggest sin. When some people get angry they just want to harm and destroy and do not care about other people's feelings. Do not do that! If you are not in the position to do something good for someone, if you cannot be a well-wisher, then do not do something bad by hurting them. I feel that if we can just accept these two little things in our lives we will live so much happier: Do good for others, wish them well and do not hurt anyone. We can try to live in a way in which we don't hurt and cause pain. It should never be anybody's intention to hurt another person. Tomorrow I want to write something about forgiveness and about how important it is.