Will Fake God Sathya Sai Baba Die Soon? – 21 Apr 11


Several days ago I heard that the guru and magician Sathya Sai Baba is seriously sick and in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in South India, his life depending on a ventilator and some life support machines. I have seen on Indian media online that his situation has been critical for several weeks now.

I have written a couple of times already about this man and his followers. At the moment his followers are doing many ceremonies and prayers for the health of their guru. He is very well-known in India and also in the west, mostly for his magic tricks in which he materializes ashes and even gold. Unfortunately his followers, among them many high Indian politicians, believe that he actually can make gold and jewelry out of nothing. They honestly believe he is God, call him an ‘Avatar’ and trust that he can perform all kinds of miracles and heal everybody of nearly every disease. Some people even claimed that he has healed their cancer.

Knowing this all I had to wonder very much when I heard that he now depends on life support in the hospital. How come? Does he not have the power to make his body functions work as they should? Can he not heal himself? Additionally I had the impression that God never dies. If this man is God, how come he is now apparently about to die?

You may now say that God, the essence, doesn’t die but the incarnation, the physical body does. Okay, I might even accept this as an explanation but wouldn’t you expect God’s incarnation to die in dignity? Or peacefully? But this is what nobody would ever wish for himself!

Why do his followers even now still believe that he is anything greater or better than all of us? They still don’t realize that whatever he has always been doing was only fooling and cheating others! Still and until this very moment they believe that their guru is God and not just a normal man who got old and sick and will die soon. That is the reality.

I guess there are already many answers to the question why God dies and why especially in this way. His followers will write a complete new scripture about him after his death and built several more temples in his name. There will also be more people imitating him. There were many already who have been materializing things like him and showing tricks like him in order to attract followers. I am afraid that after his death more people will walk this way.

They might even say ‘I have a part of Sathya Sai Baba’s soul in me’ and while there is only one living Sathya Sai Baba, there will be many more of his incarnations in future, once he has passed away.

Be that as it may and be he who he may, I wish that his soul will go in peace. Then he will be in light and love instead of this web of lies, tricks, magic and fraud.

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  1. I’ve thought about this subject of why so many people are attracted to false gurus, and for now I’ve come to a conclusion that if someone has charisma – a certain kind of positively magnetic personality, if they combine this with good speaking and/or performing skills, they can have strong and compelling influence over many people, whether or not they are actually honest or good people. And indeed one can feel a certain amazing aura around such people that can make someone feel in themselves for the moment the strength of this aura. Many people just don’t have the abilities of discernment to be able to understand whether the person under the charismatic aura is really honest or good, but just fall under the magnetic sway of the charisma, and have assumptions that if someone can be so magnetic and compelling, they must also be honest and good. In addition, I agree with you that a true spiritual master would probably prefer to die with dignity, and I doubt that a true spiritual master would have any interest in artificially extending his life through life support medical equipment.

  2. I have always wondered how people can really believe someone, a living human person, to be an avatar or God. I mean really, is there anybody who could prove this? Did he ever do his materialization in front of a team of unbiased scientists, showing that the things he materializes are not previously hidden in his hands or clothes?No
    And if anybody says now that God does not want to be tested i have to ask why God wants to be worshipped then?

  3. Swami Ji, these people are misguided into believing that Sathya Sai Baba IS God. They want to believe this, no matter how many signs are there that he is a cheater. He himself said once that he only does tricks to attract people, because they need to come to him. Then he will guide them to the real light. He himself knows and admits it is just a bait. And as he is God for them, he is right in doing that… They are actually just poor sould looking for guidance.

  4. If only people believed in themselves, so much mischief in this world could be averted. Then they wouldn’t need a God or a guru or a book or a politician to tell them what to think or how to live.

  5. Maybe in a few years someone else with some charisma and performing ability will come along and claim to be his reincarnation, and the whole cycle will begin again. As much as we may point out the truths about them, false gurus appear to be as perrenial as the seasons. Like the winters, they come and go, but you can always be sure they’ll be back again.

  6. Dear Deniz,Yes, actually the thing about the charisma is that they can convince others easily that they are good and honest. And if someone is very skilled in using his charisma, he can even convince others that he is God. There are several of those people alive and on this earth at the moment and there will probably always be.

  7. The funny thing is though that people do really believe this and there are scientists among them, too! People who always go with proof neglect this only when it is about their guru. Then they trust.

  8. This is exactly the problem. Trusting yourself and your feelings would be so much better than trusting another person with every important decision of your life… but obviously more difficult, too, otherwise more people would do it!

  9. Today, on 24th April 2011, Sathya Sai Baba passed away. I read it online, searching for news on his condition. I read an article in which one of his followers said ‘May be, he is unconscious by choice, but he can’t die. He will choose the time and place of Samadhi informing us well before’So it is already happening, people don’t believe that their God actually has to face death, too.
    May he go in peace and light!

  10. Isn’t it a sad story of a man’s life and death? Now that he is dead, we can think a bit more freely about this, with some more distance. What strikes me most about his passing away is that he died at the age of 84 although he had announced several times that he would be over 90 years old by the time of his death. In lectures and to devotees he had mentioned the numbers 92, 93, 95 and 96, like a prophecy of his dying date. Devotees also believed that he would be able to prolong his life if he wished. It shows again that man has no influence on when he will die. Only God has and he is not one of us.

  11. Yes now the news of his death is coming in all media, too. But I have heard that he died already a day before but they just did not announce it. They wanted to do all necessary arrangements before they announce his death, for example about his funeral and who will be next after him etc…

  12. One of my minister friend told me that he died already two days ago but his deciples did not announc because they were sorting out who will get the house hold on his propertiy? What does this make a difference if he died or any normal man dies in the world? the same thing his so “called” very close deciples, enlighten people are more busy in calculating what they get????

  13. I really do not understand why they hide the news of his death from his people? It is so wrong of them to misguide so many people! What kind of God or Guru or Spiritual Man was he if he could not teach his disciples to be truthful?

  14. This really shows you how people are searching for something to worship or be connected too. It makes me wonder who everyone will worship now that he has gone, and how his “legacy” will live on. I am sure another avatar will happily show up soon enough. I hope that his followers will find some light inside themselves and be able to continue living spiritual lives.

  15. Whatever else he may be Sai Baba is not an avatar. Hi s descent and never fit the conditions outline din scriptures and his presence has not achieved the desired results as described in the scriptures. When I questioned one of his devotee the answer was that Baba said that he cannot interfere with karma. Very convenient but then does that not delimit God and defeat the purpose of avatarhood? And if he is an avatar why does he need to live like a celebrity? As to his followers, people are indeed lie, sheep bereft of the capacity to be discriminating.

  16. swami g god is everywhere, he is in you, me & whole existence and also in sathya sai, so no que.. who is god.. only ques.. for realization. also no ques.. of fake god.. i can also say with proud that i m god..it is also unique truth.

  17. Unfortunately there are too many sexual harassment stories related to this man. I am basically with you on this Balenduji. When are you coming back to Vrindavan?

  18. To be honest I question the concept of avatar. If one analyzes the lives of Rama and Krishna one sees many things that incongruent with God. For example Krishna, kidnapped a woman about to married. And he dallied with hosts of married women. Both Rama and Krishna supported the inhumane caste system and the subjugation of women to men. Both advocated violence as a means of solving problems. And one can go on….On the other hand the God I accept (God not man) is all compassionate, all merciful, all loving, absolutely embodies non-violence, does not tolerate inequities and inequalities et al. Anything less cannot be God.

  19. Dear Aswani followers are like sheep and there is no or very little own thinking. Sheep also do not know where they are going and why they are going there but they go because all others are going. These people do not want to take responsibility for their own actions. This applies to all aspects of life. If all those other people are doing that, it must be right. But still, there is always some doubt, there is always the question if they are doing right or wrong. Sheep will always be in doubts.

  20. I have written many times before also about him and his kind of many other gurus and babas. Maybe you have not read that’s why you are wondering. I also feel my responsibility for our society and we need to educate more and more people so they do not get cheated by this kind of cheaters and do not keep fake hope. yes we need more Love and compassion but not cheating and making people believe by showing cheap magic tricks, saying I am God and can materialize things. So people have wrong hope. and believe he is God and can do everything. I am fully against of all these fake Gurus and babas and want people to take their own responsibility.Love

  21. Dear Shrinath,In my opinion God doesn’t die. I do not believe either that Krishna died in a painful way. God is Love and Krishna is Love but so am I, too. I am not talking about scriptures, to me it doesn’t matter much what those stories tell. For me, Krishna was Love and that is in you and I, too. Dear Shrinath, I am not a religious person and I don 19t follow any religion or scriptures. Please don 19t expect a religious way of seeing topics from me.
    The point that I am focusing on in this diary is that I don’t believe that this one man is in any way more God than you and I. He is dying just in the same way as everybody else.
    I am against human worship. Of course anybody who is involved in that would not like to hear me talking in this way. He is definitely encouraging people to do exactly that, showing that he is God. Then he and his followers would obviously not like my idea and opinion.
    For me he is a cheater and tricking people into following him. It is great if he did some charity, too, but charity done with money obtained through this kind of dishonest work is in my opinion not really that much of a miracle. Everybody can do charity but we should not have to make others fools while doing it.
    I am afraid that after he passes away, there will be more such people, materializing things and pretending to be God. I want people to see that he is a normal person and that I have expressed in this blog. There is no need for human worshiping.
    In any way I send him my love, as mentioned before, too, and hope he will go in peace.

  22. There are many people who have experienced his fraud, too, as some of them are in this documentary. Of course his followers will tell different stories than this. But why should this young boy tell his sexual harassment story if it is not true? Why could it not be true? Why would only his followers’ stories be true?And what about those videos where you see he is doing cheap magic tricks of materializing things and pretending to be God? There it is clearly showing that he is cheating, there is no other interpretation possible.

  23. Dear Annan, I absolutely agree with you. I have not done much academic education but have invested thirty years of my life in the study of scriptures. My personal opinion is today that these stories which are written in the scriptures may be nice but are still fiction, nice stories and no proof. Who knows if Krishna did that? Who knows who Rama really was? Someone wrote this. There is no scientific proof for those things and they are nice to read with devotion but they were written by people like you and me, normal men. And this is something that is true for all religions, not only Hinduism.There is a lot of controversy in those stories. The different scriptures and even different versions of the same scripture sometimes even contradict each other. This shows how things were added and change in the course of time. And in this way, all ideas that we take out of the scriptures are simply the opinion of the person who wrote it. Nowadays these stories are then used to prove that wrong things, which you named a few of, are right and they thus become an excuse for doing wrong.
    My concept of God is just Love, which is in all of us. We do not need to search God in scriptures or religions. This is how for me the concept of Avatar does not make sense. It is just fiction. But through that a person becomes God and is worshipped in this way. This is why I always say I am against human worship.
    As you said, for me God is also compassion and love, so why would we need to search that in some figure or icon like rama, krishna or Shiva? All is in you and that is God.

  24. After his passing, I am relieved to say that his soul can now contemplate the human life he lived and discontinue his dishonest behavior and life path. Hopefully his followers can reflect upon the situation with a critical eye and decide for themselves what to believe now.

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