Apra bringing back the Shine into my Mother's Eyes - 20 Jan 12
Apra, Apra, Happiness

As you can imagine, we all are enjoying our time with our little Apra so much! Yesterday the sun came out after several days of fog and it was nicely warm outside. So we took her out and she could inaugurate her stroller. We have bought it actually for Ammaji and Babbaji who will enjoy rolling her down the path of the Ashram. But of course the children were thrilled with this new sensation and so they were the first ones to take a few rounds with Apra.

It is wonderful to have this little girl here and there is really always someone to hold her and take care of her. Two days ago I was sitting on my chair with Apra in my arms and my father came into the room. He looked at us and said ‘Now you play for a while and then you can give her to me.’ He put himself into the queue, telling me that it was his turn to hold her next and play with her. We all had to laugh but it is really beautiful to have loving family around.

Maybe the fact that here are so many people to take care of her the whole day long makes our little one so calm and peaceful. Or it is her nature and personality that already shows. Whatever it is, she is a very happy child, continues to smile a lot and does not cry much. The first picture of her smiling was taken only four hours after her birth and now, not even two weeks later I watch how she starts reacting to your words and interacting with her face expression and even small noises – it is just lovely!

Apra loves being with her grandparents and they love to have her in their room for hours. She lies on their bed and they talk to her and watch her or take her in their lap. When I see my mother like that, holding our Apra in her arms, it makes me very happy. She has a special smile that I have not seen for several years.

It is this shine in her eyes that I knew before but which vanished with the death of my sister. In the years after Para’s fatal accident, I did not see that joy and this complete happiness in her eyes anymore. Her face is shining now again, after the birth of my daughter.

Seeing how happy Ammaji is these days makes me feel that we gave this gift to her and that makes me proud, happy and at the same time humble, thinking of how much happiness a little being like her can bring. It is a miracle in this world that such a creation is possible.

Again, we are just happy to have the blessing of this little one in our lives. Tomorrow Ramona’s father will arrive here for a visit, so she will enjoy spending time with her German grandfather, too.

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  1. Lena

    …this is just SO wonderful!!! I remember the moment, when you were coming back from Delhi – bringing little Apara to the Ashram for the first time. Ammaji captured her immediately to show her around; she was SO proud and you could feel that she would have loved to keep the little one for herself and never ever let her go again but at the same time she couldn’t get enough of showing Apara around and have everyone kiss her. SO WONDERFUL!

  2. nothingprofound

    How sweet! Children bring such joy into this world. Wishing all of you the greatest happiness.

  3. Blanche Poncelet

    I can very good understand that..I’m so happy to read your message here

  4. Steven Vogel

    As you said, it is absolutely amazing how someone so small can have such a huge positive effect on the world!! Bless you all!!

  5. Rekha Kiran Dave

    I know the exact feeling….so happy for her.

  6. Anne Ward

    What a lovely story and a lovely family. You are so deservedly blessed. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  7. Mirela

    What a wonderful feeling to see, how this lost shine came back. It is the simple and soothing principle of life. It is one of the life’s laws. When one door closes another opens.

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