About a painter’s job to show beauty in art


A friend sent me an email and told me that she had just read an old diary entry in which I was also talking about beauty and the effort to look like models and actresses on TV. This woman who wrote to me is an artist and she said that there is often a difference between the things that she sees and that which she brings to paper. And in the same way it is with modern media. What you see is not the reality! A painter may see a person and paint the person but the art is to bring more to paper than just the shape and colour. If you look at a portrait and feel that the person who looks at you from the canvas is a very strong and charismatic person or if you immediately feel the sadness that this person has experienced, then you know that the painter saw this and had the ability to bring it into a picture. Or maybe he wanted to add this feature to the person. Not every king whose gorgeous pictures you can see today was that good-looking, tall, fierce and strong but they all had their artist portrait them in this way. You need to believe in your own beauty and stop comparing. Everybody is unique and wonderful!

Today my friend Govind was here again. His wife gave birth to his second child last week and we all are very happy for him.

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  1. What is displayed in the media should definitely be considered art, not reality! They have very sophisticated graphic design techniques where they “photo-shop” different aspects of the photos. They can change, add, and delete anything they want! It turns out to be a lovely image, but it’s not real! If only everyone knew this…
    I remember one fantastic article in a magazine in which Jamie Lee Curtis (an American actor in her early 60’s now) wanted to have a photo shoot of her REAL body! She had photographers take photos of her in underwear and wouldn’t allow any photo-shopping of the images. She then had an interview about the way that bodies are changed in magazines to look very unrealistic. It was so inspiring! Go Jamie Lee!! We need more celebrities who stand up for what is real!