Mayurasana – Peacock Pose

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Mayurasana, Peacock Pose

How to perform Mayurasana

1 – For Beginners

Sit in Utkatasana . Now place your elbows on your belly at the sides of your navel. Lean forward and place your palms on the floor so that they are pointing in the direction of your body. Place your knees, feet and forehead on the floor. Your body is now balanced on your forehead, hands, knees and feet. Straighten your knees and lift them from the ground. Then slowly lift your feet.

Inhale, make Kumbhaka and hold the breath. In the end lift your forehead as well and balance your body only on your elbows.

Slowly place your head, feet and knees back to the floor.

2 – For Advanced Practitioners

Start from Utkatasana, place your elbows to your belly next to your navel and place your hands on the floor, fingers pointing to your legs. While balancing on your arms, you lift your feet of the ground and stretch your legs straight out to the back.

Advanced Variations

You can raise your legs up high towards the ceiling while you are in the yoga pose. This pose variation is known as Pinch Mayurasan.

In another variation you can cross your legs in the form of a lotus to Padmasana. In this way, the yoga pose is known as Padma Mayurasana or Mayuri Asana.

Benefits of Mayurasana

Mayurasana is a good posture for burning the belly fat, activating the digestive fire and increasing your hunger. It helps to digest undigested food which is stuck in the intestines and because of that works against constipation and acidity.

It can also prevents colitis, piles and gastric problems.

By practicing this posture you can reduce the excess of ama and remove toxics from the system.

Mayurasana reduces and cures problems which occurs in our body because of the three humors vata, pitta, kapha

Because of the pressure on your abdomen it is very helpful for the abdominal organs like spleen, pancreas, liver, bladder, gall bladder and prostate glen, bowels.

Problems like irritable bowel syndrome or the risk of having a stone in the kidneys can be prevented and cured.

This pose increases the blood flow in the system and purifies the blood which: This makes you look more beautiful, shining and glowing from the inside and is also a help for diabetes patients.

This balancing pose will make your arms very strong.

Regular practice of this posture provides great sexual ability in men and women as well as reduces the congestion of the vagina in women and it prevents and cures impotence in men. Because of the pressure on the abdominal organs is also good for fertility of men and for menstruation problems of women.

With a regular practice you can reduce the stress level in your mind, it makes you cool and calm, refreshes you brain and thoughts and makes you more focused and concentrated. This is why this pose is beneficial when you are suffering from depression.

Focus Points

Focus on your abdomen region and on your mind for balancing on your hands so that you don´t fall on the floor.

Tips and Help

Please avoid the posture, when you have wrist injuries or if you are suffering from belly pain. When you can´t lift your whole body from the ground in the beginning start with your knees and feet first. Later you can also try to lift your head.

It will need a bit of practice as it is an advanced position but after some practice you will also be able to do the peacock pose. For women it is not always possible to this posture as your breasts could restrain you to do this posture properly. When they are hurting during this posture please don´t do it as you could harm your breasts.

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