Tag: Yoga for Strength

Virabhadrasana - Warrior
Virabhadrasana – Warrior
A Yoga Pose for strong and nicely-formed legs and arms, flexible joints. Can be good ... Read More
Lose extra fat on thighs, hips and the belly with this easy but very effective ... Read More
Utkatasana II - Chair Pose
Utkatasana II – Chair Pose
Sit on a chair without a chair with this easy but very effective yoga pose ... Read More
Utkatasana is very good posture for digesive system and easy to do it ... Read More
Tolasana - Scale Pose
Tolasana – Scale Pose
A pose that strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders and stimulates digestion at the same time! ... Read More
Tadasana - Palm Tree
Tadasana – Palm Tree
A pose to stretch yourself towards the sky! Great for the legs and lets you ... Read More
Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation
Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation
The popular sequence of yoga poses that stretches, flexes and strengthens the whole body from ... Read More
Shirshasana - Head Stand
Shirshasana – Head Stand
An inverted pose with many benefits! Better blood circulation brings health to heart, lungs, brain, ... Read More
Prasarita Padottanasana
Prasarita Padottanasana
A forward-bending exercise that strengthens your complete legs, your back and even your intestines ... Read More
Padangusthasana - Big Toe Pose
Padangusthasana – Big Toe Pose
Bending forward while standing, a great exercise for back, hamstrings and your blood flow! Fresh ... Read More
If you really want to build your belly muscles and maybe even create a nice ... Read More
Mushti Sanchalan - Fist Rotation
Mushti Sanchalan – Fist Rotation
Strength for arms, neck, shoulders and upper back. Good after slip disc in upper back ... Read More
Moola Bandha Asana
Moola Bandha Asana
Get strength and flexibility and automatically do the Moola Bandha Mudra. A posture with many ... Read More
Modak Kriya - Laddu Gesture
Modak Kriya – Laddu Gesture
Strengthen your arms and shoulders and regulate your blood pressure with this simple yoga posture! ... Read More
Mayurasana - Peacock Pose
Mayurasana – Peacock Pose
A really advanced yoga pose which takes all your concentration, balance and strength! Balance on ... Read More
Makarasana - Crocodile
Makarasana – Crocodile
A yoga pose in which you don’t only need strength but also have to balance ... Read More