How we control the Quality at Ammaji’s – 28 Apr 16


I already told you that we are very involved in our restaurant. Not only do we work there, serving and talking to customers but we also work with the cooks and do one of the most important things in a restaurant: quality control! 🙂

Yes, I believe I already told you this some time: we eat in our restaurant ourselves! My brothers, wife and I had been eating at the restaurant from the very first day it opened. In that time, we were eating from the restaurant’s normal plates. For us this meant that pretty much for the very first time, we were eating from separate plates while actually being at our own home. Whoever has visited us at the Ashram and even those who have seen photos of our meals know that the four of us were otherwise always eating from one big plate!

Obviously, the first days were simply exciting and pretty much everything was new. After a few times eating like this however, we realized that we were missing something, that our eating experience was not as it was before! We quickly understood why: each of us eating from our own plate was what disturbed us! So we returned back to eating from our big plate all together – at the restaurant!

Of course our restaurant guests see that when they eat at the same time. One of them even asked: ‘What kind of thali is this? Is it in the menu, can we order it?’

Not only the fact that we are eating from our Thali but also the fact that we are eating in our restaurant is all is something our guests like. It makes a good impression and at the same time people know that we have so good food that we, too, love eating in our restaurant!

The great thing is that we simultaneously do a quality check on the food cooked in our restaurant and served to our guests! We know what is going on here and we can improve if there is any problem! I have even started tasting food which I would normally never order in a restaurant, so that I can give our cooks feedback on that, too. And of course recommend it to our guests!

Yashendu, Purnendu and I have trained our cooks to cook in a healthier and Ayurvedic way. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen ourselves, making ice cream, teaching our cooks, baking and cooking. And finally we taste it as well – and make sure that it is super tasty!

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