Yashendu Clean Shaved for the First Time – 19 Apr 08


Yashendu said in the morning that his beard did not grow any longer. So during breakfast he thought about cutting it a little bit. And then Ramona, Carolin and me agreed that he should shave it completely so that we can see how he looks without it. First he was not very fond of the idea but he also got curious after a while. Until today Yashendu had never shaved his moustache. His beard yes but since it is growing he was never without moustache. So we took scissors and a razor and started work. We were busy for about an hour and the nice result you can see on the picture. It is a very different look now! Each time that we see him we have to laugh because he looks so different. During dinner Sonja said that with the beard he seemed to be older than 30 although he is only 27. Now, without the beard and the moustache she said he looked only older than 20.

In the neighbour's house and garden there is a celebration going on from the town's shooting club. So they had a parade through the city and in front of our window which we watched. Maybe they will make another parade tomorrow, it was like carnival.

My friend Andrea Kosak has birthday today and she sponsored the food of the Ashram on this special day. Purnendu sent me the photos and it was nice to see the Ashram from here in Germany and see the kids eating there.

That is how our weekend started. Tomorrow in the evening at half past ten I will start the full moon meditation and the distance healing. I would like to invite all the readers of the diary, too, to sit with me and all participants in meditation for one hour. You can send your request until tomorrow. It is always a very special energy flowing between the participants worldwide.

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  1. Oh wow it stopped growing? My hair got like that once, it was so long that it came all the way down to my behind and then it just stopped getting longer! Cut it off and donated to charity. Been short ever since.