Real Life is better than the TV Illusion! – 6 Dec 08


Yesterday I wrote about the idea of beauty which young girls get when they watch TV or just see magazines and advertisement everywhere. And I also said yesterday that they create the wish to be beautiful like the model that they see on the poster or the actress in the movie. They believe in this illusion which is created by media. This illusion has become part of the daily life. Of course everybody knows that the model does not look like this in real life. We know that there are a lot of tricks like light, makeup and also editing in the computer. But still the illusion that the media creates has a big influence. And not only young people are influenced.

TV series and movies create a whole new world of illusion. It is made for entertaining people and could be very far from reality. For some time of entertaining it is fine but what actually happens is that we get drawn into this fake world with its excitement, the perfect moments and the perfect story. We get the feeling that we are missing something in our lives. This message is somehow delivered and I believe that it is wanted because the consequence is that many people try to imitate what they see. They want to wear the clothes that they see, they want to have the same things and they want to experience the same. So they go and buy and maybe at some point they realize that it doesn’t help. At some point the illusionary world shatters and you come back into real life.

In real life a tragic incident hurts more than the actress showed in the movie. In real life the perfect moment is maybe not accompanied by romantic music. But you know, in real life you have real feelings! You do not have to pretend anything, you do not have to act. If you are yourself and live your own life you are wonderful and beautiful and most important of all, you go deeper in your feelings. When the perfect moment comes in real life your body is like an instrument and your heart creates the most beautiful music which only you are experiencing.

4 Replies to “Real Life is better than the TV Illusion! – 6 Dec 08”

  1. It is impressive how easy affected our minds are, especially by television and advertising. There are so many message ad signals getting sent to the brain, the signals that appear most frequently are the ones that stick and the need to be a certain type of beautiful are sent out constantly.

  2. I’m 32 and live in Manhattan. In my adult life I have acquired a lot of shoes. I love shoes. When I go and buy a pair I feel happy. I’ve had a lot of time to think about why I am so happy when I buy a new pair of heels or sandals or sneakers. I think it is because, once I buy them I am momentarily free of desire; I don’t want anything else and suddenly I feel very happy with where I am. So it’s not the shoes! Haha. And I wonder if I can feel this way more often, without buying anything.

  3. These days, people absorb way too much virtual life (movies, TV shows, video games, internet), and not enough REAL life (spending time with friends and family, cooking, eating, cleaning, hanging out in nature, helping others). As a result, they tend to relate with virtual life as if it was real and all-important. Rather than feeling good about themselves because of the positivity they create in the world, they feel bad about themselves because they don’t compare to the perfection of virtual life. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of virtual life– it can actually be inspiring, bring awareness, and change perspectives… but it should be enjoyed as a special thing on occasion, rather than a daily habit. Imagine if you watched a movie once or twice a month as a delightful treat and escape from reality, and then you would go back to real life with an inspired sense of purpose.