Tag: Yoga for Stress Management

Vipareet Naukasana - Inverted Boat
Vipareet Naukasana – Inverted Boat
A pose for overall health – reduces belly fat, helps digestion, relieves stress and stimulates ... Read More
Ujjayi Pranayama
Ujjayi Pranayama
Calm your mind, help your lungs and simply relax with the practice of this breathing ... Read More
Learn this Kriya in order to improve your eyesight, reduce myopia and other problems, and ... Read More
Titali Asana - Butterfly
Titali Asana – Butterfly
Become a butterfly with this beautiful exercise that decreases stress and activates your second chakra ... Read More
Change poses during meditation and include Swastikasana for an easy and comfortable position that brings ... Read More
Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation
Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation
The popular sequence of yoga poses that stretches, flexes and strengthens the whole body from ... Read More
Sukhasana - Sit Easy Pose
Sukhasana – Sit Easy Pose
A yoga pose helping to relief stress and experiencing peaceful moments in meditation and breathing ... Read More
Parvatasana - Hill Pose
Parvatasana – Hill Pose
Breathe through, relax from any tension and help your blood to flow through your body ... Read More
Parsvottanasana - Intense Side Stretch Pose
Parsvottanasana – Intense Side Stretch Pose
Do this stretching pose for a half-inversion that increases the blood flow to your head ... Read More
Padangusthasana - Big Toe Pose
Padangusthasana – Big Toe Pose
Bending forward while standing, a great exercise for back, hamstrings and your blood flow! Fresh ... Read More
Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
Nadi Shodhana Pranayama
Get rid of stress, pressure and even stress-related migraine simply by breathing in this way ... Read More
Mushti Sanchalan - Fist Rotation
Mushti Sanchalan – Fist Rotation
Strength for arms, neck, shoulders and upper back. Good after slip disc in upper back ... Read More
Mayurasana - Peacock Pose
Mayurasana – Peacock Pose
A really advanced yoga pose which takes all your concentration, balance and strength! Balance on ... Read More
Kati Pranayama - Pelvic Breathing
Kati Pranayama – Pelvic Breathing
A Yoga Pose especially beneficial for your back, if you have pain but also during ... Read More
Karnapidasana - Ear Pressure Pose
Karnapidasana – Ear Pressure Pose
Go further than only Sarvangasana and stimulate your ears, too, in this inverted yoga pose ... Read More
Kapalbhati Pranayama
Kapalbhati Pranayama
Burn extra belly fat, stimulate your digestion, remove constipation and strengthen your lungs. A breathing ... Read More