Sthula Basti

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Sthula Basti

The Sanskrit word Sthula has various meanings from heavy and large to thick, fat and big. When you one says ‘Sthula Sharir’, it means the physical, solid body.

Sthula Basti is thus the practice of Basti with your physical body.

How to perform Sthula Basti

Always perform Sthula Basti on empty stomach.

Sit in Dandasana and open your hips with the help of your hands, so that your Mooladhar Chakra, coccyx bone and anus touch the floor. Now move your right hip to the front while the left hip goes back and then the other way around. Now turn them clockwise and after that anticlockwise.

Benefits of Sthula Basti

This exercise is good for giving a kind of internal colon massage. By the movement you release stuck gas from your colon and force down any waste that may be stuck at the walls of the colon. In this way it releases toxins which can cause problems in the intestines.
At the same time it releases stress and tension from the pelvic floor and coccyx area.

Your complete anal region, perineum, hips and buttocks are massaged.
This massage is also good for your sexual energy.

Tips and Help

A good way to encourage your hips to move can be playing music during this exercise.

When to avoid Sthula Basti

This Kriya should not be performed if you have pressure of urine or stool and also not if you suffer from cramps or stomach pain, piles or diarrhea.

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