Seducing Power of Women in Temples – 14 Aug 10


Yesterday I mentioned that some temples and Ashrams in India do not allow women to enter if they have not covered nearly every visible part of skin on their body. Many say to women to cover their head and hair. I may be repeating myself when I say that this is in my opinion not justified and actually nonsense. Let’s have a look at this point in detail.

Why do they ask women to cover themselves?

One commonly mentioned reason is that you should be decently dressed when you enter a temple or also Ashram. According to some this is a way of showing respect to God when women cover their head.

The second reason is that women should be decently dressed so that men will not be tempted or lead astray from their religious path and thoughts that they ought to be having in a temple.

For both arguments I have to ask one thing: how come then men do not have to do this? In India you will often see men even without a shirt in Ashrams and temples. They only wear a dhoti around their hips, nothing else. If a woman has to be fully dressed, how come a man can be half naked?

How come this is not regarded as lack of respect? I assume no woman would have the idea of going in a bathing suit or bikini to the temple and also a church you would usually not enter in a mini-skirt, would you? So you have a sense of respect for the place where worship is done but for me this does not extend until the head and arms. If it did, I would surely insist that it would be a rule for both genders.

Now we get to the question if women could seduce men to commit sins by being in a temple bare-headed. It seems as if people think that men are very easily seduced by women only by seeing their head whereas women can cope with men walking around covering only their most intimate region. Are women stronger than men in this regard? Should not men be able to control themselves, even if there was a woman showing her legs? Really, if you tell me this argument, it is actually a confession of weakness of the male gender, don’t you think?

Just another reason not to have this kind of rules in our Ashram: I believe it is absolutely possible to have your desire under control if anybody, male or female, shows his shoulder, knee or open hair!

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  1. i think it’s just men minds that sees women as a sins.why it has to be women to cover the body?
    if man feel disturb about woman.. why don’t they cover their eyes..

  2. I think men would love it if women saw them in the same way as they see women.But women obviously do not believe that men can make them fall in sin… 🙂

  3. Hmmmm what I learn is: its all an illusion of human kind made up in our head. Restrictions are not made by GOD rather than by human beings. Its not unconditional Love.And as more human set restric…tions as more the issue becomes. While when you operate through your heart, there are no SINS because we are all perfect and complete in the eyes of GOD. WE are those who carry the emotion of FEAR, HATE, WORRY, ANGER and so on and our intellect tells us in our unconsciousness that we are to be punish, we do not deserve or we are not good enough. Through such emotions which are all fear based, we set up restrictions and boundaries and when they are failed by anybody, they may become even more restricted because those who set them up carry even more emotions due to the fact their LAWS have been disrespected.Religion, culture, politics, traditions, they are all HUMAN made and not by GOD. GOD has many names but does it mean there is more than one GOD? How come that all religions are fighting with each other but they agree that there is only ONE GOD? Because religion and its laws are made by human kind and not by GOD. Its the same thing like in a football game. There is only one ball and many players. They are fighting to get the ball and to shoot a goal Why not give each player a ball ;-).
    However, if a woman covers her head in a temple or not….it is never disrespectful as long she carries the LOVE in her heart for GOD. GOD IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.What the Monks feel, do, think in the temple, or what kind of emotion they carry, is THEIR problem because its THEIR mind making up a story, their emotion for which they can not make anybody else responsible for.They suppressing their NATURAL feelings and so it is just an outlet for them to set restrictions for others in order to meet THEIR GOAL. Also, that a priest or Monk is not allowed to marry is made by human kind NOT by God. God says that human need to be together because their bodies are made to be together. A human gets ill and emotionally sick without being with human kind, while human restrict themselves to show they HONOR God. But that is THEIR problem because themselves they restrict themselves.
    AS long we carry our heart at the right place and interact with practicing unconditional love, the world can become a better one.
    Hope it all make sense.hmmm…greetings
    one more thing. Personally I do not have a problem to cover my bod as long I can agree with it. I lived for a while among Bedouins in the desert where all are Muslims. I was not asked to cover my face but out of respect for their culture, I would not walk around in a short skirt. But when one tried to CONVERT me, I told them the same story as above that there is only ONE GOD. Than the conversation normally stops or changes 🙂
    from Thailand:-) ELKE

  4. For me, what matters is the behavior as a human being! Are the feelings in our hearts! Covering the body or head, will not do anything if the mind and heart are not free of feelings and thoughts that fetter us and make us suffer. Be a man or woman, has the power to build or destroy. The woman has an extraordinary power, it is no wonder that Mother Nature gave us the letter to be MOM!

  5. This is something that definitely needs to change if women are ever able to be seen as anything other than objects. They are beautiful beings with beutiful bodies, minds and hearts. What’s there to hide in that? Only mens projections I presume.

  6. I thought long if I should post this or not but I trust this is the right platform and this is what I think
    it makes the impression that men’s will power is weak when it comes getting attract by a look of a Women … her skin, hair, her v…oice, her smell, how she smiles, how she moves. High educated men become just as low as every ordinary men when desire drives them. But they cant live with this picture they see in the mirror that’s why they have to find someone who is fouled. ofcause they do not reflect and see the true face of thyself, witch would help them to understand and grow, but it is ugly, very very ugly !!!! Better to point of someone outside from them …WOMEN! Yes it is her fouled she provocative a men! She is a devil… a witch burn her at the stake!

    Also the Bible tells us : all our misery its because of Eva, ! This Women dared to eat from the tree of life and on top invited Adam to do same!!! From that day they had to leave the Paradise, to become old and die… !

    Looks like there is no really increase for manhood. To be honest this is so hypocrite! Bad excuse for weakness …but as long as they will not look inside and get the picture they will never overcome this state… its a long way to go !

    Do men really think a women likes to be reduced to breast or bottom ? AHhhhh how much I dislike this look at a men’s eye, every time I see it is like a cut in my skin. I can smell this cupidity 10km against the wind and it is really not a pleasure or something a women should feel luck to get.

    Is life really all about sex? is there not much more to life to? And what about Love??? Are few minutes of pleasure more worth? It is soon over and you have to look for a other few minutes, is this all what intent a men’s thoughts?

    Just to make it clear desire is nothing bad …. the restriction is in our mind!

    To me there is more to life to … much more !!!

    Sorry deep from my heart if someone feel hurt by this post. Please forgive me it is not my intention.

  7. well@Ursula…….an sculpture & a living women have a lot of difference…..u can always temper with an image but cant do dat without someone’s wish………so ……think again…….i still feel…..women dont dat liberty which men have

  8. I think that respect must exist in each one, inside or outside a sacred place like a temple, a mosque, a synagogue etc. Our body is a temple because it also harbors something sacred: our souls. We care for our thoughts so they do not negatively affect our soul. Men and women should behave in a dignified manner towards life. In a temple at home, at work. Must be examples of ethics and faith. Obviously when you go to a sacred place, you must have a respectful conduct higher in garments, especially in the acts and thoughts. This applies equally to men and women who are in search of spiritual progress. Appearance does not say anything, essence is everything.

  9. I don`t think that there is such a big difference between male and female behavior. Women do also look for men and take a look at the legs, the bott, the face and hands and some other places. But there is a difference in how they look. It`s just a short look if woman do that and men often start to stare. It`s also a question about what will happening after the look or the stareing. If woman do that in most cases that`s it, if man do it it will often be followed by a bad behave. Thinks like bad or unkind words in direction of the woman or to friends which are around, or even inside there heads. And I guess here I reached the main matter, it`s about what is happening in ones head! Does the mind change imeaditly into the sex mode or does it adore a beautifull body which is part of God`s creation? In a temple or church it`s about on which one mind is concentratet. If one is disturbed by someone others body, were is his or her mind focused? It`s not where it should be!!!

  10. I have often wondered why some if not many men claim to be unable to control themselves (in so many words). As a female I can’t fathom having this problem and quite frankly I think it is untrue, a very unhealthy excuse for harming people. Of course this is because I cannot imagine it. I just don’t know.

  11. Covering for women IS nonsense. Control your own actions! If we hold men accountable they will act accountably. If we tell them from the time they are little that they won’t be able to control themselves then of course they won’t know that can.

  12. The questions is also: is there actually a seducing power of women or is it maybe a bold fantasy of those, who say that women are supposed to cover some parts of their body. And if there are rules, they should be valid for both genders.

  13. I agree, now I am not saying that the male sex is weak, but having rules like certainly make it seem so….but on the other hand, things can go the other way. In western churches many women show up wearing the tiniest skirt or something that almost shows off their bra strap…and it is not smiled upon, but it is not forbidden or anything…

  14. Hello Ragini,
    How is respect and disrespect related with covering or not covering your body? And if women have to cover for respect, why don’t men have to cover for respect?
    What is disrespectful about showing the hair that also is just natural, a creation of God if you like?

    No, I think it is religion, priests and people in power wanting to put up rules, giving the pretense of respect, that is why women need to cover up in temples.

  15. I’m glad this topic has been brought up, as it is something as an atheist that I totally disagree with. As Swami quite rightly says, women and men are more than able and willing to show respect to their temple, or church etc without having to disguise their entire figure. Something I also don’t understand is that God in whatever form, gave us the bodies we have, and so why would exposing his creation to him offend him so much?! Of course, intimate areas are exactly that, something to be kept private so I can understand why exposing these parts would not be appropraite, but to cover legs, and arms, and even heads is totally irrational. It seems to me that this rule has nothing to do with God. Men in power made up the rule to futher exert their control over women. Surely the best type of God is one that appreciates most when humanity shows its gratitude and respect for everything it has been given, and to not be ashamed of anything. Respect to each other regardless of religious beliefs, colour of skin, or gender. To demonstrate shame of the body, or belief that it is better covered up is surely more of an insult to God? To demonstrate an inequality of gender through bias dress codes is surely more of an insult to God??!