In Love Ego can be Dissolved – 19 Apr 10


Yesterday I wrote about freedom in relationships and I said that people often say things like ‘I want to be free! He/She always wants to know where I am and what I am doing and I don’t want to be controlled!’

I remember one story of a scripture in which it is said that in the love of each other, Radha turned to Krishna and Krishna turned to Radha. In this deep love your ego fully dissolves, it is a place where ‘I’ don’t exist, it is dissolves into you! You are my love. I feel like you and you feel like me. This is an image of true devotion. You see that the other one has full control. Love is which makes you one, there is no ego and no duality. There is no individual existence. A very simple principle is ‘I will do what you say’, then there is no question. And you will do what I say. You depend on each other and are fully in freedom. Two people are devoted to each other in this way. Then you are a source of love, love will grow from this union.

Maybe someone has another opinion on this topic but my personal opinion is that I want to give the one I love full control over me. Only then I will feel full freedom because I don’t even have to think for myself. I know she will think for me. You might say that I am just lazy and now she has to think for two but it is not like this. In the same way I think for her. In my relationship I want to give the command of my life and my heart to the one I love. Now you can guide me because I know you, I trust you, in your love, you will do best for me.

Today in the evening we had a nice Darshan, our first meditation in Bocholt.

4 Replies to “In Love Ego can be Dissolved – 19 Apr 10”

  1. Wow swami Ji. The way you described the control of love sounds terrifying. In another sense it sounds incredibly romantic. The problem is that I just can’t imagine a relationship in which the trust and dependability was on the same level on both sides. But yes, I think now that is does sound beautiful.

  2. You know, I understand a couple wanting to know where the other partner is. On the same hand, leading your own lives pro makes the relationship function better.

  3. I see what you are saying about true devotion– especially from the sense of scriptures about Krishna and Radha. Though I think this is more of a metaphorical meaning. You should give your love without thinking and let the love control you in your relationship. But you should still think for yourself and be your own person. I think it’s important to maintain your sense of personal freedom and control, yet you give your love without ego; you love without stopping or controlling. You let love guide the way.