Exploring cold and windy Edinburgh – 10 Jan 09

United Kingdom

Today we had a tourist day. Julie and Alex took us to the town in which Julie grew up. It is Rosslyn and it has a chapel which is quite popular. We visited the chapel and the others explained a little bit about the symbols which were everywhere around, carved into the stone of the walls, the ceiling, the windows and the pillars. It was really nice to see.

We then went back to Edinburgh and drove up to Edinburgh castle. It had already been cold at the chapel but when we came out of the car in Edinburgh, a strong cold wind blew. We took pictures and walked a little bit but when we got nearly blown away we went back to the car.

I told you already that I am normally not really a tourist. I have been here twice before but never saw anything or visited any place. Ramona wanted to see something and Julie and Alex wanted to take me, so I went, too. It was very nice to be out but it was also enough, especially because it was really, really cold. The wind was so strong that it was even difficult to stand still at one place. Once it even blew off my hat. So I was also happy when I was safely back in the car. It was a very nice trip and I like Edinburgh very much. The buildings in the city have wonderful old architecture and the atmosphere in the city is very nice.

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