Feedback and Experiences of new and old Vegetarians – 8 Feb 09


After the diary entries of the last days I got many responses and reactions from people and I am very happy to see the success of my effort for vegetarianism. It is wonderful to see that my diary touches many people’s hearts. A person wrote ‘Swami ji, for a long time I was trying to stop eating meat and be vegetarian. I knew it was not right for me but somehow I did not have the courage to change something. Your words gave me the energy to finally take this decision.’ Yes my dear, it is not about trying, it is a decision and I am happy that you could make it.

Another person wrote ‘I also want to be fully vegetarian and I don’t eat meat at home but when I go out and everybody is there and eats something with meat, I also eat the same. Otherwise I feel separate from everyone else. ’ It is very good that you don’t eat meat at home but as I said in the last days’ diary, you cannot be half vegetarian. Why do you hesitate or feel ashamed to tell the people with whom you are going out that you don’t eat meat? You should be proud of yourself to tell this to others and it is very good to be different. You are not like everybody else and if you are strong in your decision and if you have this confidence to stand by this decision people will respect it and you will definitely find another arrangement for you. You will not be hungry because you are vegetarian.

One vegetarian person also wrote and thanked me for writing openly about this. She has been vegetarian for a long time, sees the benefit of this in a spiritual way and in matters of health and thus encourages people to be vegetarian, too. From a couple who are very close to my heart I heard that after reading the diary they decided to be vegetarian. And here, the eleven years old girl Celina said to her mum and Regina told me that she also becomes vegetarian now. I am very happy about that.

Maybe my words may seem hard to many people and they might not like to read it. But they touch the heart and I say this intentionally because only if they touch the heart they can make a decision. Still I want to say to all of my friends who eat meat: I love you all, no matter what you eat. But of course I want to encourage you and invite you to be vegetarian and show your love and compassion for nature.

Today was the last evening in Tornesch. We had a really lovely week together with Regina and her family. Four generations live together in two houses next to each other. This harmony among generations is very rare here and it is wonderful to see. The youngest member of this family, Celina, said that she loved our food but would like to go to a restaurant on the last evening so we went to Hamburg near the Reeperbahn to have dinner in an Indian restaurant. It was great food and the cook exactly cooked as we wanted. Afterwards we were searching for ice-cream but it was Sunday night in winter so many cafes were closed. Then we decided to drink hot chocolate instead and to have some ice-cream back at home.

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  1. I was considering becoming a vegetarian for a long time but it was easy not to think about it and nothing was really pushing me towards it. Then my neighbor 19s chicken got sick and I watched her kill it. I don 19t eat meat anymore because now there is a reason rooted deep in my own experience to not eat meat.