If you eat Animal, why not Human? – 7 Feb 09

Six years ago, when my English was not very good yet, I met a couple in New Zealand. The woman was vegetarian and I just normally asked the husband, too, if he was vegetarian. He replied ‘No, I like my meat’. And in the first moment I thought he really eats his own meat. And then I thought yes, maybe if you can eat cows and pigs, then you can also eat cats and dogs and maybe then it doesn’t matter if you eat your own meat, too. Maybe, if you eat 50 Gram of yourself each day you can survive quite a while.

I have read that thousand years ago people were eating human meat in many places of this world. Now they say that they are civilized and they do not eat human flesh. I hope the consciousness grows more and they realize that they should not eat animals either. We have changed many old habits which were wrong and we should always keep doing that.

As I said yesterday it sometimes surprises me that people who call themselves spiritual and who talk about love and who have sensitivity for others in their heart are not vegetarian. Again I need to say that for me this is not a question of health. I tell people not to take drugs or smoke or drink alcohol. I give good advice because of your health. But being vegetarian is a question of love, compassion and spirituality.

I admit it, I do not have a good feeling about it when someone eats meat. Sometimes this situation comes and I cannot afford it when on my dinner table a piece of meat is lying. I have to be honest with myself, I don’t feel good when those whom I love, who are around me eat meat. There is no compassion and love, they kill someone to fill their stomach. I know that I cannot change the whole world from my talking. But I feel it is not good. If my friend cannot change from non-vegetarian to vegetarian, why do I have to change and stop talking about it? They know themselves it is wrong and I know many people who feel guilty about it but they still keep doing this.

So if through reading these lines someone starts reconsidering becoming vegetarian and if somebody sees that everyone can live healthily and well without killing animals for food, I will be very happy.

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5 Replies to “If you eat Animal, why not Human? – 7 Feb 09”

  1. Actually, I have lived with cannibals before in Papua New Guinea, there are still groups of people in the world who eat human. But I can tell you that the practice of eating human is not for sustenance- it is for power. The belief is that you kill your enemies, and when you eat their body you take their power. Very different from eating any other kind of animal for this reason. Cannibals don’t go out hunting humans they go out killing people that they see as enemies. In fact, many tribes like this have mostly vegetarian diet, except for catching a wild boar or two every year and maybe some elk. They eat meat just a few times a year and it seems that have a general respect for the animals. There is something else happening when a human is consumed- it is not just about sustenance.

  2. That’s interesting. I’ve read about cannibals before and the only ones I have read about don’t kill the humans, it’s more like if a loved one dies then you eat them so they live on. Still not for sustenance though necessarily.

  3. I agree with you swami Ji! I can’t even look at another animal on someone’s plate without feeling a sense of loss (and also disgust) It is always sad to me. If we can all be happy as vegetarians then I don’t understand why people choose to harvest animals.

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