Swiss Chocolate, German Bread and more – 11 Jan 08


Mady and Roger arrived in Lausanne. They came up into our little village here to meet us and to have dinner with us in Bertrand's comfortable living room. Mady brought a very delicious chocolate cake! We had some ice-cream with it and on top some very thick cream, cream double. Each country that I visit has some specialties that I like. I really like this cream here in Switzerland. And of course Swiss chocolate, especially dark chocolate. It is the best! In Germany I love the bread. I have never found bread anywhere else that is so good. Except maybe for Austrian bread but that is anyway not far away. I even always bring a lot of bread to India. My parents are not very fond of it but my brothers and I and whoever is there as a guest at that time use to have 'German breakfast' there until all bread is eaten. However someone brought a bread machine to India last September so now we are able to make it ourselves! Now we just have to see how we take this Swiss cream there. We will see!


4 Replies to “Swiss Chocolate, German Bread and more – 11 Jan 08”

  1. Swami Ji, it looks like you have visited New York before. If you ever make it there again try Difara’s Pizza in Brooklyn. There is a reason that customers wait 2 or 3 hours for a slice. Also if you are interested in Thai food at all Sripraphai is another place where incredible won’t break anyone’s wallet. And last but not least the China Town Ice Cream Factory where you can try the most popular Black Sesame ice cream on the east coast.

  2. Every country has it’s own special dishes and products. It is also a question of the individually taste. While some people like german bread, others prefer “Ritter Sport” chocolate or the various cakes and pies. It’s up to you, find out what you like 😉