Circle of Life vs. Animal Killing Factories – 1 Jul 10


I know that I have written many times about vegetarianism and why it makes so much sense not to eat meat. Apart from your health and the question what actually is in the meat that you eat, I also always emphasize that you need to have some sensitivity for life on this planet. You do not need to kill any life so that you can live!

It is fully natural that birds eat worms, cats eat mice and lions eat deer. It is just the natural circle of life if a mouse is killed in this way and totally natural that the cat fills its belly in this way. I also don’t say that people like the Inuit for example should be vegetarian because they need to eat meat, especially fish, there is not much more for them to eat, they are living in ice.

That however is an exception. In former times, when human was not as developed yet, he was used to hunting and also gathering whatever they knew was eatable. They did not kill hundreds of animals in a day, for that the hunt was much too tedious and they knew that they did not need that much. They killed whatever was necessary and could be eaten before it went bad.

Now it is different. Human has made factories in which animals are killed in hundreds, thousands and millions. Only in the US they say that more than 20 million animals are killed for meat each day! Who gave human to write to act like this? It is not only unnecessary, it is cruel and, yes, I will use this word, inhumane!

I know that the video that I am sharing here is horrible and maybe it can offend some people and others may be shocked. Please take care, if you are sensitive and if you are not yet vegetarian, think again and choose not to eat meat!

5 Replies to “Circle of Life vs. Animal Killing Factories – 1 Jul 10”

  1. I fully agree on this; I also believe that food and cloth should be used as per the environment you leave on. If you are around sea it is best that you eat fish it is most environmentally.
    Anything which is ‘unnatural’; like killing innocent animals for unnatural reasons, create an issue in nature cycle and it is inhumane and against the law of nature.

  2. I have to say, I wasn’t even able to watch the whole video…. I saw enough to realize the size of the problem. Thanks for raising awareness. Most people who have not been educated about this yet have no idea how bad it is…. I didn’t even think it could be that bad. OMG… what are we doing?

  3. Thankyou for the video link. This is so unloving and the people are so removed and desensitised to their own feelings. Did God even create animals to kill others??? God created animals to eat dead flesh not kill them the animals are the cleaners, it is our poor soul conditions that created this error of life. If we can allow ourselves to feel everything inside of us, that we have created,we will know what is loving and what is not.

  4. I found it amusing that the British press recently tried to incite people about an “issue” (of their own creation) when they found out that meat being sold in public places was halal slaughtered and that they were not being told about it. As if one method of slaughter is better than any other – I wrote about it on my own blog….

  5. Today’s production of meat is more than cruel. The natural cycle is completely destroyed and it’s harmony is lost. Is it a needfulness to produce tons of meat that nobody will consume? Just to throw it away later? And for all of this hundreds of animals have to suffer in tiny, pongy cages? 🙁