Dissolve Emotions in an Atmosphere of Love – 16 Oct 09


Yesterday I wrote that everybody is very happy at the Ashram. In this atmosphere, when everyone feels this happiness and when there is so much love around, it can also happen that feelings and emotions come up. This can be some sadness or even anger because you are habitual to be sad and angry during the day.

Many people also haven’t experienced this much love and happiness at once yet. It happens, I know this and understand that it can be difficult to digest happiness. But then again, in this atmosphere of love it is possible to dissolve these feelings because there is everything that you are looking for in these situations: a quiet place to sit alone, compassionate company if you want to share, a shoulder to cry on if you need it as well as people to laugh and play with if you decide to leave these emotions behind and decide to be happy with everyone.

I am very happy that the Ashram has this quality. This is how people once they are here, fall in love with the Ashram. And this is my idea. I want my home to be a place of love for everyone.

3 Replies to “Dissolve Emotions in an Atmosphere of Love – 16 Oct 09”

  1. Anywhere would be that kind of place, jolly Swami Ji friend, if you were there … how could anyone not feel the entire rainbow of emotion in the embrace of your unconditional regard … unending thanks for your abundant willingness for the benefit of us all … xoxo

  2. I think when you are given space and time without many distractions, emotions are more likely to come up. In people’s busy lives, they can block out many emotions and thoughts by constantly doing things, seeing people, and going places. But when you really slow down and experience stillness with yourself, like at the ashram, lots of emotions and thoughts come up that you didn’t know you had! And all of a sudden you must deal with them. It can be overwhelming, but it’s much needed and very cleansing!