You do not die just because you are Vegetarian – 17 May 08


Yashendu and Ramona cooked a wonderful dinner again which was so delicious! I already told that we are strictly vegetarian but today again I felt I needed to tell you that with vegetarian diet you can live a very healthy life!

Some time ago I went to see an old friend of my father. He is Ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi. He is very popular since many years. The Indian government made him honorary citizen and he is the Ayurvedic consultant of the president of India. He is an expert in reading the pulse. He only feels someone’s pulse and he makes a full diagnosis of your physical problems. He can tell you everything about your body then.

When I was there he had a patient. He put a finger on his pulse and the patient told that he eats meat and also drinks alcohol. When he heard this the doctor got very angry and said ‘Go out of here! I will not give you medicine like this! First stop drinking and eat vegetarian food, then you can come again!’

He is very old and he works since more than 50 years in this way. Daily 500 people come to his house and want to consult him and he advises each person to be vegetarian because he knows that meat harms the body. And that is why I wonder very much about what people tell me about the advice of their doctors here in the west.

Many times I am told that the doctor told to eat meat. They say the body needs it if it should not get weak. This is a very crazy idea in my eyes. There are countries like India in which it is quite normal not to eat meat and the people there are not all sick and weak. Vegetarian food can provide all vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Everything that the body needs for life. Vegetarian food is much more healthy, it is light and more easily digested than heavy meat in the stomach. It helps in strengthening your immune system and your metabolism. So I am really astonished when I hear that doctors suggest eating meat to be healthy.

And there are also people who know when they eat meat that they do not really feel good and they know that their body feels much better with light vegetarian nutrition but still they eat meat. Many of them lack the courage to make the decision to be vegetarian. Everybody in their surroundings eats meat so they also do. They do not follow the feeling of their body which tells them that they have difficulties falling asleep after a steak for dinner. They know that some bread and salad or even warm vegetables would be much nicer. But they eat the steak. They were taught by society that meat is healthy and this root many people have very deep inside.

I even know vegetarians who would never eat meat again but who feed meat to their children because they think the children need that. This is another crazy belief here: children need meat for being strong and healthy. These people would not eat what they prepare for their children.

You can have a fully balanced diet without meat, too. Listen more to the feeling of your body and you will realize that your body, too, prefers the vegetarian diet. It is much easier for the body. We are not made for eating meat! It is healthy to live in a vegetarian way and if whole nations can live healthily without meat, why shouldn’t you be able to? And if you feel this then listen to what your body tells you and live in a healthy vegetarian way!

7 Replies to “You do not die just because you are Vegetarian – 17 May 08”

  1. Myths about the value of meat are persistent in the West. Science has even supported these myths for many decades. Science is subjective like any discipline. People see what they want to see. But things are beginning to change, especially as the information age has made disturbing truths about the meat industry and their sway over national health organizations known to more and more people.

  2. Has anyone seen the documentary Super Size Me? Doctors were shocked that processed meats and other heavy foods could give a previously healthy young man heart palpitations.

  3. It depends upon the genetics, consciousness and adaptation etc of an individual. The ‘violence’ and ‘love’ approach of vegetarianism has its own area of application but can’t go beyond that, where there is a more deeper perception of life and emotions.
    More than half of the problems (especially mental) of this country are caused by the vegetarians who played amazingly cunning games to control people by propagating ‘sin’, guilt, emotional manipulation (and blatant energy manipulation as well :)) etc to the extent that labeling a person as spiritual upon the basis of ‘race’, ‘caste’, ‘birth place’ and of course ‘food habits’ etc, has become common.

    There are a number of Jains who sacrifice (through abortion) the first child for gains from ‘entities’. Also there are a number of Brahmins who use Atharvana Vedic hymns(WHITE MAGIC :))) without discrimination, like just to take revenge or just to quench jealousy etc.

  4. It’s so funny that many people still believe that meat will bring them some super powers and if they don’t consume it, they will die or be weak or ill. Where do these thoughts come from?