Back in India after a beautiful Tour through Germany – 6 Dec 15


We have arrived back home in India. It has been a great last week in Germany, lots of fun and many more experiences and impressions.

On Monday we travelled back to Wiesbaden. We had already said goodbye to Apra’s German grandmother on Sunday evening, as she had to start early in the morning for work. We then had another emotional goodbye from Ramona’s father and got into our train.

While we had not planned anything for the last days in our home base in Germany, we nevertheless had a full time: we went to another indoor pool with slides, a steam room and massage jets, this time together with Thomas. Apra played, tried swimming, jumped in the water and went to slide again and again.

Thomas and Iris also took us to the third Christmas market of our trip, the one in Wiesbaden. Again, we were mesmerized by the beautiful light decorations, the soft music and this atmosphere which is very special to those markets! Oh yes, and of course the carousels which Apra went on! She had the biggest fun in a ride that let her rocket go up and down upon pressing a button! The best was however the ride on the Ferris wheel, high above the city, looking down on the lights of the market and the town! Amazing!

We met more friends, cooked great food and did some shopping for the kids and the Ashram.

Especially in those last days Ramona and I talked about how necessary this trip had been. We have the wish to give Apra not only the German language but also a part of the culture, adding that sense of belonging partly also to Germany, just as she belongs to India by living here.

Obviously she learned a lot of new words during those three weeks and she has again got used to travelling – by flight, train and car. Most of all however we enjoy to see how many new things she learned, many of which are done differently in Germany than in India. That you put old things into the basement for example. Or that a stereo can have speakers in the whole house. And so much more!

Already a few days before we left, Apra asked me when we would be back in Germany. I replied that we would come back after Holi. And that’s what she repeated to her grandparents as well as Thomas and Iris again and again: I will come back soon!

She loved it in Germany. But she also loved returning back to India. She had been missing her brothers at the Ashram, her uncles, Indian grandfather, great-grandmother and of course simply her home. So when we reached India after a smooth flight of which she slept about five hours, she was overjoyed to be picked up by her uncle Purnendu at the airport.

And here we are, back in Vrindavan, still with a full jetlag but happy to be back after a beautiful time in Germany.