We love connecting deeply – a Canadian Yoga Group at our Ashram – 13 Dec 15


For the past week we have been very busy with the Ashram completely full with wonderful people: we had a yoga group from Canada at the Ashram! I have to say, it was once more a simply beautiful experience of sharing your home with lovely people!

Three years ago, a yoga teacher came to our Ashram and joined our Ayurveda Yoga Holiday. In that time, several individuals came together here and had much fun, relaxed and recharged their batteries. Two of them we could welcome back already this year and this one was the third! Ever since Alexis had left from here, she had the feeling that she would like to come back and maybe give some more people the possibility to come here, too.

That’s how a group of twelve people arrived at our Ashram on the same day that we came back from Germany for a yoga retreat at our Ashram. We love creating such connections and providing a space for our friends to also bring others, some of whom may not have dared to travel to India on their own!

We had organized a daytrip to the Taj Mahal for them and they ventured out in town to see some bazaars, temples and sights in our small Indian town. For the most time however, they enjoyed seeing the daily life at the Ashram and fully integrated themselves as well. After a visit to the school, they helped distributing the lunch to the children, they joined the kids in their morning yoga class and of course we had delicious dinners together. I took them to the restaurant to show them our plans as well and all of them took Ayurvedic massages and treatments to relax and work on pain points in the body.

Our friend and the co-leader gave their own yoga classes and other group sessions and one day, I had a talk with the group as well. I shared the experience of my former life as a preacher and spiritual guru as well as my journey away from that to who I am today.

It was a truly beautiful time with some special people. They left yesterday in the late afternoon to catch their flight back to Canada. When saying goodbye, many eyes didn’t stay dry – and we are looking forward to welcoming many of them again another time.

I tell you, it is a wonderful feeling to meet people who are open and happy, ready to get to know something new and experience India from within. Seeing them enjoying is our reward – and I know they are taking home some unforgettable memories of their time here as well!

See pictures of the group at the Ashram here

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