Our Fun in Germany continues – 29 Nov 15


Another week has passed in Germany and again we have had so many wonderful experiences that it is hard to mention them all in one blog entry! I will try anyway:

I already told you about the snow storm which we experienced in Hamburg last Sunday. After this beautiful day, we took another trip on Monday, but not to Hamburg, just to downtown Lüneburg, to the thermal bath! While we have been to outdoor pools, it was the first time for Apra as well as me to go to an indoor pool. It was quite an experience! They had many different pools, one with waves, whirlpools, a baby pool and one for children, one with salty thermal water and even an outdoor section! After Apra got a bit comfortable in water that was not only knee-deep, we also got her to slide with us and enjoy the whirlpool and to swim on our backs. We had incredibly much fun!

Apart from this, we filled our time in Lüneburg with heaps of fun! Andrea went to the playground with us, we went shopping, which is always an adventure for Apra and we had several friends visit us! We cooked a delicious meal and had a beautiful evening together!

On Wednesday, our last day in Lüneburg, we had another highlight of the week: we went to the Christmas market in Lüneburg. Something else that Apra saw for the first time of her life – and something which I always find beautiful to see. People are in good mood, there are sweets, children can go on rides and there is nice music. Apra, who had read a book about a masked ball, went with her fairy princess mask on both, the carousel and the train ride, ate a ginger bread heart and drank a hot chocolate with us!

On Thursday we said goodbye to Andrea and Michael and hopped onto a train to Augsburg to Apra’s German grandparents! It was an enjoyable ride and by crossing Germany, Ramona and I celebrated our 5th German wedding anniversary! Five years ago, we all had come together with friends in Wiesbaden to sign a piece of paper – time flies by so fast!

Day before yesterday, we drove to Munich, not only to go to a really nice museum with many exhibits for children but primarily to visit more of Ramona’s family, including her cousin’s son who is going to be three years old soon! Reconnecting for us as well as Apra, who was very excited about exchanging gifts – and a spinner which already Ramona and her cousins had played with.

Back home yesterday, we woke up in a winter wonderland full of snow! It was snowing the whole morning and so we took the chance to do what we had not done in the snow a week before: Ramona, her dad and Apra built a snowman! Complete with carrot nose!

In the afternoon, Apra could try her luck at ice skating! Just in front of their home, there is an artificial ice field where you can borrow skates – and I have to say, if Apra could come to practice every day, she would soon skate like a professional!

Finally, we went to Augsburg’s Christmas market with Apra’s German grandmother, grandfather and aunt. They had put up candles in the whole town, which was beautiful to see. At six o’clock, everyone gathered in front of the town hall to see how children and young adults, dressed as angels came to the windows and onto the balcony with harps, flutes and an organ. They played and sang heavenly – but Apra had only one question: why don't they fly? 🙂

Let’s see what we will do today – tomorrow will be our day to travel back to Wiesbaden, so we will make sure to enjoy our remaining day with family. It's the most beautiful holiday we are having right now, showing our baby girl Germany!