My Experience with Indian Food-Lovers and their Advice – 1 Jul 16


I have surely already mentioned in my blog that Indians are food experts. We have a food culture here in India and we are proud of it. Mothers are the best cooks in nearly every nation, I believe, and in India, they bring this pride of cooking to a completely different level. That makes every son and daughter a food connoisseur of course – or at least that what everyone thinks themselves to be. That’s something I had known all along – but now, being in the restaurant business, I experience this from a whole different perspective!

Indians love giving advice on food! Now my dear Indian readers, please don’t mind the generalization but if you watch your own habits or those of our countrymen in a restaurant, you will notice that it is true! I have lived for a long time with people running restaurants in England, in Germany and other European countries – and really, Europeans act differently in restaurants! They give far less suggestions to the waiters on how food should be!

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that Indians complain or tend to not like food. No, even if they like the meal they are served, they make suggestions on how it could be even better! Even more than in the restaurants where I went to eat, I am seeing this in our own restaurant: people love our food. I am not saying this to boast, if you see our online reviews, people really do! Nevertheless however, more often than not, our guests provide advice on how a dish could be even better – or how it should actually be correctly prepared in their opinion.

As much as I love getting feedback and new ideas, it sometimes makes me wonder: it happens in questions of taste as well! In this way, one person tells us that their flat bread, the roti, is too crispy while the other one finds it too soft. We were told to make our Shahi Paneer, a dish which usually comes in a lightly sweet sauce, sweeter than it was – and on the next table we were also told the exact opposite, that it should not be sweet at all!

This all simply shows that Indians love food and have their own sense about how it should be. They are real foodies, usually always ready to try something new and not holding back with their opinion and feedback!

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