Seeing positive Development when revisiting Children – Our School Children – 6 Nov 15


I would like to introduce you today to a boy whose siblings we already know for quite a while. It is Ravi, the younger brother of Yogmaya and Neeraj, whom I introduced to you one and a half years ago. He is now nine years old and has started in our school in this year.

When we went to their home in 2014, the family was living in a one-room home with a tin roof covering the terrace to provide a little bit more sheltered space. They didn’t have a fan which is why the children often slept in their grandfather’s home instead of the small room crowded with six family members.

In that time we got to know that they had bought another plot many years ago on which they had wanted to build a bigger home. It had not happened until that day. When we came to visit them this year, we were happy to see a change: they had managed to build a new house with two rooms on their new plot! It is still plain brick walls and a tin shelter on top creating a roofed terrace – but they have definitely managed to have more space and thus a bit more comfort!

They succeeded to make this progress only with the one income of the father who is a labourer, doing heavy physical work every single day. He is lucky – he finds work nearly every day and Ravi’s mother tells us he is reliable which is why contractors like hiring him. This gave the family the possibility to save money for the home, taking a bit of financial help of the grandparents and a small loan from their neighbours as well.

That’s the reason why they could not put plaster or paint on their new walls: they didn’t have any money to invest anymore. Now they will pay back whatever they have borrowed and then start saving again, improving their new home bit by bit.

The eldest sister has not been to school for long, only until 3rd class, and doesn’t feel like learning anymore. Yogmaya, who has gone to our primary school, now visits another school for her secondary education. Neeraj is still at our school and now Ravi, who had started learning at another school, joined us as well.

He enjoys going to school and has already made friends. He is attentive during class and has learned a lot in the few months since the beginning of the school year!

You can support children like Ravi by sponsoring a child or the food for a day. Thank you already for your help!

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