Increased Expenses with Increased Number of Children – 12 Oct 09


I cut off my dreadlocks and shaved my hair and this fits well with all the changes going on around us. You might already know that with the new school year we have many children more and now it is 125 children who daily come to our school to learn and to eat.

I heard from Purnendu before that there are now so many children but it is different to see it with my own eyes. Of course it is beautiful that they all have a possibility to learn for their future but I also see how our expenses have increased this year. We needed to extend the school building and had a water cooler and filter installed so that the children now can drink clean and fresh water when they are thirsty.

Each day they are looking forward to their warm lunch around noon. If you have a look into the kitchen two hours before, you will see several people busily peeling and chopping potatoes or rolling chapattis, the Indian flat bread which is a must for each meal here. Each day they peel 25 kilogram of potatoes and roll chapattis out of 25 kilogram of wheat flour so that we can feed 200 people.

In this time I would like to ask you for your support for these charity projects. You can sponsor one or more children or sponsor the food for all of them or just give a contribution. Every small donation helps filling the stomachs and buying books, pencils and school uniforms for the children.

I would love to support you and your life in return, whether it is by giving you a healing session when I am in your town or by sending you your personal Mantra. Day after tomorrow, the 14th October, is my birthday. I already started receiving birthday greetings and was asked by many people if I didn’t have a wish, something they could do for me. If you ask me, I would say I don’t need anything, but I would be more than happy if you could give your support to our children.

Click here for making a donation.

Celina has brought chocolate and fizzy sweets for the children and distributed them during lunch.

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  1. Samantha Mancuso

    I love the new water system. It is soooo important and now you even have toilets for the kids. To all of you who havn’t had a chance to visit, these kids need your help. There are many wonderful projects happening here.

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