Attraction of Love – 15 Feb 10


Two days ago I wrote that our senses easily get attracted to material and we start accumulating all different kinds of things. I said that material and love are both unlimited and I think in this way, too, they are similar: we get attracted by material and our senses also get attracted to love.

We always have the wish to have love, to experience love and to give love. And we are in the same way drawn towards God, who is also unlimited. Enjoying love with our senses is beautiful and being unsatisfied in this is great but how do we deal with our senses when they get attracted to material? We need to control them as we know ourselves that it is wrong to buy more and more and more.

You need a good and strong mind if you want to control your senses and realize in that moment that your senses are leading you the wrong way. The problem is that your mind is very quick and loves to change actively and fast. Grab your mind, keep it under control, then it will not get attracted by material that much.

Today is our friend Noemi’s birthday and we all send her much love and blessings towards Germany!

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One Reply to “Attraction of Love – 15 Feb 10”

  1. I love the feeling you get when you are attracted to someone, the smile that gets stuck on your face and the buzzing feeling inside your chest, it is true that all the senses are affected when there is love and attraction.