Change in Belief and Consciousness in Ongoing – 10 May 09


Yesterday I wrote that you shouldn’t try to convince others to believe something because your own belief can change. This change is an ongoing process for each soul. The universe we live in has the nature of changing. Each moment and each second there is change everywhere. How many times a year does nature change and how often does the weather change? Everything is changing, it is the normal flow of this universe.

When we were children our belief system was different. We knew only our family and did not believe in more than that. When growing up we got to know our neighbours and believed a bit more. Then we got to know more of this world and with each bit our consciousness changed. This is a process from birth to death and everybody can feel this change.

Of course I talk from my point of view but I believe that everybody can look back in their life and see if their belief system, their consciousness and their mind has changed. If you don’t accept this fact and if you didn’t live according to that, you wouldn’t be honest and maybe would have a life with two faces. These days this is the biggest confusion and conflict in the heart of spiritual people whom I meet. I see too often that they say and do something that they don’t believe in. And this creates psychic problems and makes mentally sick. How long will you play a drama? You have to live in your original consciousness.

3 Replies to “Change in Belief and Consciousness in Ongoing – 10 May 09”

  1. I agree that thigns change constantly. I am very young still and people always ask me what I am going to do in the future, and I tell them the rough plans I have but I always say too that I can’t tell them for sure because everything will change every step of the way. My beliefs will and my desires will.

  2. This is so true. And we cannot feel disappointed or upset when we see that someone else has changed..even if we think it wasn’t a change for the better! We simply must support each other through the change and flow of life. Give others the benefit of the doubt that they are changing according their soul’s path and the guidance in their heart. Love them still, even when they change.

  3. Our lives are always changing as our life never stops, it keeps going. Just as what and who you are keeps changing. you are not the same as you were 10 years. Life is a journey and we should enjoy every moment.