Don’t like your job? – Change it or start liking it! – 29 Feb 12


Do you enjoy your work? I often hear from people that they don’t. This is actually a very big explanation for a lot of diseases, mental and physical problems as well as burnout and depression. It is logical, our work usually and in most people’s lives takes up most of their time of a day, a week, a month and a year. So if you don’t like your work, if you think every day that you should be doing something else and if you suffer in what you actually are doing, it is no wonder that you get sick. So what should you do if you don’t enjoy your work?

The answer is very simple: find a way to enjoy your work!

Maybe you are sitting at your desk every day, thinking that you should spend your time with something creative, to use your talent and do something that you can see afterwards when you are done instead of typing numbers in the computer. Many people are in this situation.

Maybe you do your work and with every step you do, every time your phone rings and every time your boss comes in your door, you dislike it a bit more. You dislike your boss, you dislike the work you have to do, you dislike the way your customers talk to you or the product you sell and maybe you even dislike your colleagues. Many people are in this situation, too.

Maybe you are self-employed and you do your own thing but you feel so much pressure that you think every day about how it could work out financially. Every expense that you make pains you and you could cry every time when a deal does not work out. There are many people who have this problem, too.

I know I have said this before but it is up to you to make a change! Really, it is you who creates your world! If you want to be more creative, search for another job in which you can do this! That is not only for creativity, there is a job for any of your qualities that you would like to use! Instead, you daily complain and do nothing! Go out and search, keep your eyes open, talk to people, find out where you can go and it will work!

If you just simply dislike everything and anything you do, the same advice is for you: go and find another job! You are not alive to work somewhere where you hate every minute of your life. This feeling does not stop at the end of a working day and you know that! It will go on until the night and you will feel bad about your job on weekends, too! Find out what else you want and then go and do that! Maybe you need to start your own company if you are so upset about the fact that you are employed. Take courage and do it!

If you are self-employed and you don’t like it, maybe it is just not the right thing for you! It doesn’t have to be either! And there may be many companies who will be happy to take someone in who has experience like you do!

Now, after all this, I know many people will say that it is not so easy to just leave your job for another one. That they stay with that job because they get good money that they would not get in another job. That is probably the most common reason for staying in a job that you don’t like. I tell you however that you also have a chance then to improve your life!

Just start liking your job! You have a reason to, right? There is a reason why you stay there and even if it is just and simply the material reason of money, which is nothing wrong, then love the fact that this job gives you money to survive and live. Others don’t have that. Of course there are situations in every job that you may not like and there are better and worse days for business – but the most important thing is that you should spend your life enjoying, laughing, loving what you are doing. Love what you do and you will spend most time of your life being happy!

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4 Replies to “Don’t like your job? – Change it or start liking it! – 29 Feb 12”

  1. Very well said, Swami Ji. Many people are unhappy in their job but they prefere unhappiness for safety reasons. The safety of having money, a regular income means more to them than there happiness. You decribe in a nice way that there are only two possibilities. Leave the job or be happy about it!

  2. I agree, most times if there is unhappiness in your life then really others aren’t going to make a difference, no that is up to you and how you want to live your life, no courage to make a change? Take a risk and do it! Hehe, that’s what I did and to be honest I’m quite a happy person… But I day to day things I find that if I just smile than the day is just that much better!

  3. Confidence to leave, and make the changes necessary are also reasons why people avoid getting a job that they like instead of their current one. Confidence is the key to most solutions in life. Do things that help you appreciate yourself more, things that make you feel good about yourself, spend time too with people who help you build up your positive energy,and then you will find the courage to change the job you’re in, regardless of the money benefits. Should you be in the job that you truly enjoy, the money will soon become less important.

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