What is the Connection in between Religion, Sex, God and your Ancestors? – 13 Oct 15


Today is the start of Navratri, a series of auspicious days in the year of Hindus. Instead of telling you however what Hindus will do in these nine days, I would like to write about something they don’t do: Sex. Yes and to top that, we have just finished a stretch of another 15 days during which believers didn’t copulate either. This makes a stretch of 24 days EVERY YEAR during which a good Hindu does not have sex! Wow!

I actually got this realization after a talk with a friend of mine two days ago. He is a religious person from a higher caste who follows Hinduism quite strictly. In talk he mentioned that during the past two weeks he had not had sex. In his life, he has never had sex during this time which is called Shraddh. I then remembered the upcoming festivities and asked ‘So in the next ten days, during Navratri, you won’t have sex either?’ His reply was no, he wouldn’t. Navratri is too holy for having sex!

I don’t know how many Hindus will be cursing me right now – the first day of Navratri and I am talking about sex!

In the past 15 days, it was the time during which Hindus think of their ancestors. They do ceremonies on those days of the week on which their ancestors died. It is a time during which they believe the dead ones are close to them. It is a time during which they don’t start any new work as it could be bad luck for the project. There should be the thought of the ancestors in whatever you do. Having sex would be disrespectful, like an insult to your parents, grandparents and other ancestors!

Today and in the coming nine days, the situation is different. Navratri is a good time during which Hindus do ceremonies, start new projects and believe that the blessings of god will be on these projects, securing a good outcome! And they would not like to taint the beneficial energy of this time by having sex!

Oh no, sex is something sinful, it could spoil whatever good you are hoping for! Sex is so bad for people here! One can only imagine, if this is what you think of sex, how guilty you will feel whenever you are doing it! If your purpose is not procreating, which is pretty much the only case in which sex is sanctioned, you can only be wrong if you enjoy bodily love!

Getting close to the one you love, kissing, playing, enjoying and last but not least satisfying physical needs is thus related to a whole lot of bad feelings. Even people who rationally understand that it is not wrong can have a deeply rooted feeling of guilt when sleeping with their partner even on a normal day. You can only imagine the situation on all these other days! It is not only now, there are so many more auspicious days and festivities during the year on which the ritual of love will be completely forbidden for those who believe it is a sin.

It is so wrong I don’t even know how to fully express it! The most beautiful thing on earth, the union, the melting of two bodies to one, the sensation and emotion connected with it, this all has been demonized by religion. We have to get away from these limits not only to our actions but to our hearts and brains!

Love and its expression are not wrong but simply beautiful!

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