Sex as a spiritual Experience or Physical Experience without Mind – 3 Apr 09


As I said yesterday, possessiveness is a subject of the mind. When the mind gets involved in sex, then the body cannot enjoy because the mind stops it from having fun. And you stop the other person from having fun. You want the other person to be in a certain way, to act in a certain way and to react in a certain way. Possessiveness and expectations come along with the involvement of the mind.

A sexual experience could be nice on a physical level, too, but actually it is a spiritual experience which has to take place on the level of the soul where it doesn’t matter if there is physical involvement or not. It can be with and it can be without physical involvement. But it is definitely not healthy on the level of the mind. The push of sexual force onto your mind can even make angry and violent. That is why it is good to let sexual energy flow in body and soul, not in the mind.


  1. Timothy

    I have never had sex with the soul before. I often wonder what it would be like. i can’t imagine it being more than just two bodies.

  2. Harry

    I am not religious but I know my parents believe that sex is marriage and marriage is two souls getting joined before God for all eternity. So for them, technically every time they have sex it’s soul sex, sanctified by God. I don’t get the impression, however, that they enjoy each other. they don’t outside of the bedroom, so how could they inside? I will have to think about this soul thing.

  3. Sarah

    I think that’s a beautiful idea- two souls connecting in a way that is probably the most intimate possible. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  4. Emily

    I agree that there are different levels to which sex can be had. There is the pure physical level. Then there is physical with mental involvement. And the highest level is the physical and mental sexual experience hightened by soul connection! What a truly amazing experience that must be. I wish everyone can experience sex through the soul.

  5. Emily

    I would like to comment on the mind and sex. Perhaps involving the EGO in sex is what leads to possessiveness and expectations; these can ruin the joy of the sexual experience. But involving the mind in sex is automatic… you can’t really shut off your brain in the act of sex. You will be thinking things, and they should be in line with your physical and soul experience. But the ego should stay out of equation.

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