I love sex – and I feel good about it! – 6 Aug 14


Yesterday I described how many Indian men who tell the women in their family to behave well and cover up actually enjoy looking at half-naked women online. They love it but right away feel guilty about their enjoyment as well. Feeling guilty about your own sexuality – that cannot be the right way!

I believe I have already written sometime about the extreme way of expressing such guilt: when people only have sex for reproduction. Yes, this truly exists, there are extreme Hindu groups and sects that are eagerly trying to follow this rule. They only enjoy loving each other physically when they want to make a baby. Otherwise husband and wife are supposed to live together without touching each other intimately. Why? Because Hinduism tells them it is wrong to have sex for fun, it is wrong to enjoy sexual pleasure!

When you have sex with your partner, you normally enjoy it – it is difficult to avoid that. Enjoying it however is a sin, so you avoid having sex at all. And when you have to have sex, because it is the only way to get a child, you only have it in fertile times, as quickly as possible and with as little fun or enjoyment as you can have, to keep the sin as little as possible. A little bit of satisfaction – even the relieve you feel at an orgasm which is essential to the purpose of reproduction – is already enough to make you feel guilty. On top of it, someone said your semen is the most precious good you will ever possess and you just spilled quite a lot of it as a sacrifice for having a baby!

Congratulations, you have let religion trap you in their net of treats, sin, guilt and shame!

By the way, that is nothing particularly about Hinduism! Islam anyway has a distorted view on sex and physical pleasure. Even for Christianity however I have heard similar stories. Elderly women and grandmothers giving young girls valuable life lessons: women who touch themselves, who enjoy being in their husband’s bed and maybe even dare having an orgasm herself are like prostitutes. Having sex is something dirty and shameful – especially for girls and women!

I believe there should be no shame and no guilty feelings for any of both genders! In that way, you can enjoy life to its fullest! Who doesn’t like sex? But with the influence of religion, you love it and then feel bad about it.

I love sex – and I feel good about it!

And I hope you do, too!

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