Why is the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton important? – 29 Apr 11


Today is the day that Prince William of Wales marries Kate Middleton. I actually had to look up their names in the newspaper in order to write them right and complete. The members of the royal family are not important people in my life and I don’t know much about them. I did however get to know about his marriage. I was obviously not invited but when you look at the newspaper today or open any webpage that writes news and gossip, you see their picture, you read their love story, prophecies for their future and everything that you can imagine is in any way related to their wedding. If you read all of this, you have the feeling that you have been friends with them your whole life and they just forgot to send you an invitation card.

The news even write about how much money they spend on this marriage. More critical papers write that the bank holiday which has been announced for today costs the UK about 5 billion British Pounds or 10 billion US-Dollar, so much money that it badly affects the economy which is just trying to recover from a recession. In my opinion the money they spend on such a big wedding could be much better used for humanity, charity and the sake of the world. And if they did their wedding in a smaller scale, a national holiday would not be necessary.

To be honest, I really don’t understand why this wedding is so big and why media is reporting about it in this way. It is really a personal matter of these two people and maybe their families. Why are these two so important? William because he is the son of a royal family and Kate because he decided to marry her. But really, monarchy is an idea of the past! Why is this a national holiday? Aren’t we all going more and more towards democracy and equality of all people? Maybe for some people in England it really still has an importance but for the majority of people around the world, it is not more than entertainment. Good and exciting entertainment, because it is actually happening in the presence instead of in a movie about some historical wedding, but still not more than that.

With this point of view I actually really pity this young man and young woman. Media is following them everywhere, covering every step and waiting to show something spectacular about them to entertain their country and the whole world. Pressure is on both of them. Don’t make any mistake, don’t say or do anything against protocol or public opinion and hide your private life as much as possible. You have to have the right feelings and express them in the right way. You are a public figure, just like a rock star or a Hollywood actor, although you didn’t choose to be one. You were born into it or you fell in love with someone who is in the limelight. That will be your life, public and visible to everyone for their entertainment.

When I see today’s newspaper and the magazines and papers of the last days and weeks, I have to wonder whether there is nothing more important in this world today than the private life of these two people. Think about it: shouldn’t we wish them the best of luck, let them marry and let them do what they want while we concentrate on our own lives?

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  1. I think it’s bad, to spend SO MUCH money on a wedding. And I share your attitude about this. I watched the wedding on TV, and I liked it, but was it really necessary to spend 10 billion dollar on a pompous wedding?love

  2. Thank you dear Lotti for your comment. Actually 10 billion was the loss of business because of the holiday. I don’t know how much the expenses of the royal wedding were. But I guess that would be a huge amount, too. Sending you lots of Love.

  3. What I did not understand was that they continuously compared her to Lady Di! This is his mother, why would you compare his future wife with her? And then they said her dress looked like Grace Kelly’s. This woman has a big burden on herself, simply by falling in love with this one man!

  4. Rock stars funnily enough also don’t really choose to be public figures with everything that belongs to them. They are often not really aware that they will get that much attention. But usually that wears off with time. If they don’t do anything spectacular, the world will not talk about Will and Kate next week anymore!

  5. Well, will and Kate didn’t have much of a choice, did they…William was born into this circus called royalty and as long as people want to see it they will sell their stories for it’s part of how they make their living. it’s all about “supply and demand” – business talk 😉 LOL … monarchy may be an idea of the past, but – as naive as it sounds – it’s also a fantasy, a fairytale and people have always loved and will always love that. (although we all know they aren’t any better or worse than we are)…

  6. A Public demonstration of love, and a life dedicated to the service of others, whether in furtherance of ones faith or for the benefit of ones country men are surely both worthy of celebration. The Bishop of London address was superb, speaking of marriage as “The spiritual life grows as love finds its centre beyond ourselves. Faithful and committed relationships offer a door into the mystery of spiritual life in which we discover this: the more we give of self, the richer we become in soul; the more we go beyond ourselves in love, the more we become our true selves and our spiritual beauty is more fully revealed”. This wedding is not an outdated institution, it is an opportunity for the whole country, and the world, to share in a beautiful event and reflect inwardly. The prayer the couple wrote was beautiful, and clearly demonstrates how they intend to use their position and privilege for the benefit of others. How wonderful, and how wonderful that they invited the world to attend and share…

  7. for those who over indulge this, there must be something lacking in their own lives to focus sooo much attention on anothersi’ve been in that church and did not get good vibes…lot’s of dead people buried there with the richest and most influencial being burried closest to the alter…so they can be the first to rise into heaven at the resurrection…this brings god down to a human ego level, imv
    having said all that, i did tape it for the wife and me to quickly scan thru all the pomp and cermony…i am a bit curious, i suppose?

  8. I talked about the wedding with HC and Annick, and HC told me that the takings of tourism where over 350 billion us-dollar! And so, the whole land got something from the wedding, it was good for england!

  9. Dear Lotti,Actually I have read several different articles about this and if you look at the cost of the holiday to the economy and the income through tourism on the long run there will still be a big minus for the country.
    Have a look at this link
    And if you want a longer and more detailed article that has a bit more a positive view, you can read this one of the Wall Street Journal
    But even they say that only MAYBE on the long run there will be a good effect…
    We’ll see 🙂

  10. I’ve mainly been critical of it because of its celebration of shallow materialism and superficial values of the glamour and glitz of the rich. It seems to me that we should be celebrating more substantive things than that now. How do we know that these people have ever had any real thoughts in their heads besides things like what clothes to wear, houses and cars to buy, fancy foods to eat, and indulgences like that? On my facebook post I mainly wondered what would happen if a prince or princess actually had any real talent that could be put to good use, like artistic talent or writing talent. Would they deliberately not develop it so they could go through life just doing things like cutting ribbons and going to official ceremonies? I don’t think anyone with any real talent or skill would be satisfied with that life. I think someone with talent would want to find some way to develop and utilize their abilities. It seems the main skills the royals have is how to smile, point, and wave. So just as with most of the rest of pop culture now, I see this whole thing as mainly a celebration of vapid superficiality and shallow materialism.

  11. Apart from the cost of the wedding and the national holiday, there are also financial benefits into hundreds of millions, maybe billions of pounds.Bute in the end, it’s an investment as the monarchy is a huge tourism factor. If Britain sees back this investment in accounts of touristic spending, you’ll never know as well as in any other business. A president might be slightly cheaper (cheaper than the German political staff you don’t get it anywhere!) but has not so much touristic appeal!

  12. England is unique in the sense that they still inherit a monarchy which is very vast and rich in its value.Money is not the issue, it is the proclamation of a blessings from God.

  13. The Royal Wedding was huge pretty much everywhere, I suppose. Even though it has nothing to do with any country other than England, I sort of understand why people were interested in it. Being royalty is something we all fantasize about– so seeing a royal wedding is like getting to experience it vicariously. Or at least have an image in your mind to fantasize about. People also desire to see moments of true love. It’s a beautiful thing to see such a magical connection between to people embracing love– the fact that they are royalty makes their love special to see.
    It is a bit immature and silly…but it’s certainly entertainment, and I get it.