You cannot heal by being tricky – 17 Jul 08


Today was again a full day. I gave many healing sessions, we had a Darshan and Yashendu had a pooja ceremony. After a healing session I talked with someone about a very important topic: honesty. In Darshan I also say that honesty towards others but also yourself is very important. You know, we live in a materialistic world and probably each shopkeeper, each businessman has some tricks which are more or less necessary for him to earn money. People get used to being tricky and they start being tricky in their relationships, with their family and also with themselves, with their own emotions. However that doesn't work. That's why I say: be honest with yourself. You have to know what you want, what your feelings are. And then you can live according to that. Accept your feelings and it will be easier for others, too. In many relationships people are tricking each other. If you say 'I love you' you have to mean it, you cannot cheat with love, which is God. You cannot cheat energy, either.

Yesterday in the Darshan a group of three girls came late to the garden. I had already explained what we would do, how the energy works and I was going from person to person. So they sat down in the back of the garden. I came by, held their hands, spoke my Mantras and moved on. As soon as I was a few meters away, they got up and left. They did not stay until the end. But do you think, they got something from the Darshan? Do you really think that healing works in this way? You come and sit down for one minute, don't meditate and just leave again? No, it is not like this. I create a certain atmosphere, already in the beginning which makes it easier to open the heart. I give a little help but actually you have to open it yourself. You have to be ready for the healing for it to take place.

Tomorrow it will be full moon again and we will have the distance healing meditation to connect again with every friend around the globe. In that time, too, I will send healing energy to everyone who sent his details and his picture. But here you cannot be tricky, either. It is not enough only to send the picture. You should sit in meditation for one hour to connect with me and to feel this flow of energy. Be ready and aware of it.

As I predicted yesterday already, we did not have time to cook and not even time to go to the restaurant before the Darshan. So we went to the restaurant after the meditation. It was a nice meditation and a nice dinner.

5 Replies to “You cannot heal by being tricky – 17 Jul 08”

  1. It is funny that people think that being tricky will bring them prosperity when it really makes them very unhappy and very unsettled inside. Honesty with yourself and others will give you what you are looking for.

  2. Wow, that is an interesting point. When people are dishonest with themselves, they get tricky in their relationships. I could see this happening… and they don’t feel dishonest, they’re just “tricky” which is easier to keep out of mind. But it’s no good. 🙁 You can’t accept or give true love if you are just being tricky and dishonest with others. You cannot cheat love, god, or energy. Amen!

  3. People get so used to using little tricks at work etc and then the forget about being honest and telling the truth. It can never end well as people will find out and know about your tricks.