Trust yourself: you can make Changes and benefit from them! – 25 Mar 15


Yesterday I mentioned that you have to accept changes and go along if you want to be happy. Very obviously, this was about changes from the outside that you have to be flexible for. Today I would like to talk about another kind of change: the one that comes from yourself, from inside of you!

It is one thing to be flexible with the changes that come to you from the outside. It is active work, don’t get me wrong, but then there is something that can seem much more difficult: accepting a change on the inside and, from your own side, take steps to implement these changes in your life. Bring a change of emotion into action. Go ways that others are not going. Go to places that the people in your surrounding and even you have not thought you would go to.

Why don’t you do that? You are afraid. Afraid of what? That it all could go wrong if you leave the path that many have gone before you. You are lacking trust.

Yes, that is why I believe that people in India can accept changes more easily and are more flexible: they trust.

The average western society does not put any focus on teaching you how to trust. It teaches you many different things and a very main focus is security. You should know where you are going at all times, have a plan and a backup plan and don’t take risks.

Life is like a fixed program with clear guidelines which step should come first and which ones should follow. It is clear that following these pre-set paths will be secure. You get taught to believe in this and take care not to step left or right. In fact, you are afraid, if you left the path, the whole program could crash! You are nervous that you get lost and drown. You create stress, pressure and tension at each little change which could lead you off the path!

Trust me, you won’t fall. Trust me, the whole world won’t crash. It won’t crumble around you and you won’t break the world.

You need to learn to trust, not me but yourself. Trust your decisions, have trust in life! Only then you can be happy!

Change, Fear, Trust

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