Trust your Feelings if they say a Healer is Fake – 19 Aug 08


The two last days I wrote about people, who take advantage of the problems of others, who claim to be able to solve all problems. Of course people who are deeply worried, who are afraid and who have many questions, go to them because they have the hope that it can help. However you always need to see to whom you go and also listen to your feeling. Do you feel good with that person and with what he does?

I am not suggesting mistrusting everyone who says that he or she could help you. No, there are many healers and spiritual therapists who really can help you because they went through pain or grief themselves and know how to handle it. Just be careful when you go somewhere and have a strange feeling.

Like one of my friends who had written an email a few weeks ago. He told me that he had been to an African healer several times with his wife. In the beginning he felt strange and funny with this man but he consulted him nevertheless for a personal problem that he had. The ‘healer’ suggested a special treatment for my friend’s problem: he would kill a cow and have a special ceremony with its genitals. And for this ceremony my friend was supposed to pay 1600 Euros. Of course he was shocked and immediately left that healer. He did not go back there and realized that in the sessions before that man had also been talking bad about other people in his life to keep him away from them. A trick to keep him from those who would tell him that the healer is not doing anything good.

This is an example that you need to watch out that you go to a person whom you can trust. Have confidence in your own gut-feeling. These wrong people can do harm, not good. They create fear. I would like to make you aware, unfortunately this is going on in this world. I want to tell you that you don’t need to be afraid, but careful.

Today Roger and Mady took us to a nice place in Luxembourg. We walked a little bit between trees and up a hill and then we were in front of a cave that Roger wanted to show me since long time. Nobody knows who has built it. We went up a little bit further and came to a place with a fantastic view. It was a nice walk and when we came home we all were hungry. Yashendu and Mady prepared a delicious dinner for us.

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5 Replies to “Trust your Feelings if they say a Healer is Fake – 19 Aug 08”

  1. Different religious scriptures say (in so many words) “never trust your teacher.” This doesn’t mean don’t trust anyone in the way you may imagine. It is a statement pointing you inward. Observe what is inside of you. Trust that first, because the answer, although it may be nothing like you expected, is already there.

  2. I don’t normally make New Years resolutions, but I have made quite a few this year and they are all part of a complete package to feeling whole. One of the main ones is listening to myself. Because I notice I have lots of subtle signals coming from inside me, like part of me trying to communicate to another part of me, and so many times if I hadn’t ignored them things would have gone much better for me. I want to hear myself. That is my New Year’s resolution.

  3. you can also listen to the instincts of someone who cares about you! Wish my son had listened to mine when he was getting healings from his crooked guru. could saved a lot of money and time.