Children in Germany Collecting Donations for Children in India – 26 Feb 09


A few days ago we received a very nice mail from our young friend Celina from Germany. I also told in the diary that I visited her school and a week ago they had a celebration day there. The whole class made postcards and on that day they sold them. And these wonderful children have much love for the children here in India and donated the 40 Euro which they collected to our school so that we can buy pencils for the children. It is so nice to see how those children feel that they can support others who do not have as many pens as them. Children have a soft heart and they are ready to help.

Today the school children had a lot of fun. Andrea had a very big wish to meet an elephant and talked to Purnendu about it. Purnendu invited someone to come with an elephant to our Ashram and today Andrea’s wish came true. She, Roger and Mady climbed up the elephant and soon some children were also up there. They made a small round through Vrindavan and when they came back the elephant got water to drink which he partly drank and partly sprayed on the school children standing around. Everybody had lots of fun.

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