Water Retreats but Problems Remain – 3 Sep 10


You have probably read my letter to Krishna yesterday and he also seems to have read it. When our team arrived with food in the colonies yesterday, they were happy to see that the water level has gone down approximately two feet. They still had to go by boat, the water is still everywhere and pretty high in the streets but there is a possibility that the flood of this year is over. But of course it all depends on how much it rains and if they release water from the dams in Delhi, the water may rise here, again. It is still above danger level, let’s see.

Of course we will just hope that the people there will have peace for this year! However with the water retreating there are still many problems that they have to cope with. If you go to this area, you will notice one thing nearly immediately: there are hundreds and thousands of mosquitos. They have lots of warm and cozy, muddy and dirty places now where they can breed. The water may slowly retreat but in the streets and houses there is now mud and dampness. It is hot and humid.

This unfortunately is the perfect environment for diseases to spread. Monsoon time is anyway the time when people get fever more easily and the flood made this situation only worse. Hygiene is more difficult, mud is everywhere and it is hot so that you sweat nearly constantly. This is how we decided to go to the area tomorrow with one or two doctors who will straight away bring the most common medicine for this season, make examinations on spot, prescribe medicine and give it to them so that they get better.

We are happy that we are able to help in this way. I want to thank the donors again and especially thank two of my young friends, Ravael and Celina, 14 and 13 years old, who have contributed with 10 and 25 Euro, too. With their pocket money we can now feed children of their age. A big thank you to everybody again, we will soon publish all details of the donations we received and for which purpose they were used. Please keep your support coming, there is still lots to do!

Pictures of yesterday's food distribution



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  1. My wife and kids are delighted to hear about the work you all are doing in Vrindavan. It is warming our hearts and inspiring charitable action in our church community.