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Januasana, Yogasana

How to perform Januasana

Sit in Padmasana with your spine straight and check which of your nostrils is active. Bring your hands to your back.

There you can either bring them in the position of Namaste or interlace your fingers and stretch your elbows straight backwards.

With exhalation, which is called Rechaka, you bend down towards the knee of your active side. You hold your breath in, which is called Kumbhaka.

Place your forehead on your knee and when you feel like inhaling, come up with inhalation.
Repeat the exercise with the other side.

Benefits of Januasana

When you sit in Januasana, your heels give pressure on your belly. This pressure stimulates the gall bladder, the liver and your intestines that are responsible for digestion.

The same pressure also can release gas that is stuck in your intestines. Women even have benefits in their fallopian tubes through this exercise!

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), regular practice of this yoga exercise may give you relief and calm your intestines.

Not only your digestive system but also your sexual organs benefit from this yoga pose. You feel sexually more energetic.

Obviously Januasan also makes you more flexible.

Focus Points

While you are in the pose, try to focus on your breathing and its counting. You can find the proper counting for breathing in yoga postures in our category for Pranayama.

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