Distributing Clothes to those in Need – 11 Sep 08


Yesterday I told you about the boys who live in the Ashram. They get everything that they need for living and studying and of course they have a lot of fun here, too. They play Badminton, ball games and more. And they also help in the garden, in the kitchen and wherever a helping hand is needed, like today, for example. The boys packed lots of clothes into boxes and into the car and we went to a poor area of Vrindavan where the water of the Yamuna had entered the houses, to distribute the clothes there.

Many people were there, mainly women with children but also some men and they thankfully took the Saris and Dhotis that we brought. This was our last plan for helping the people who suffered in the flood. The situation is better there but of course the people who live there are poor. We have supported them before and we will continue our help with distributing blankets in winter or giving food to everyone. On our flood page you will now see the balance of the donations that we got and the expenses that we had for helping in this situation. We have taken out the button for donations but of course you can always help us in helping others by donating, sponsoring a child or sponsoring food.

Click here to see pictures from today's distribution of clothes

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  1. The boys at the ashram are so sweet. I bet they really enjoying giving to others. I think it’s important to teach children charity if you can, any kind of charity and by that I mean any kind of kindness.