Having Arrived in Vrindavan – 2 Sep 08


Today early in the morning, at 4:30, we finally arrived in Vrindavan. It is warm and humid but it is wonderful to be back. Of course, it is always wonderful to be home. We unpacked the things we brought for my family and for Kanu. We played with him and enjoyed the first day here. We are all very tired but that will be okay tomorrow after one night’s sleep.

Today I read in a newspaper that there are many viral infects in the villages nearby. They assume that it is the aftermath of the flood. In our district 49 people died of these viruses. We are planning to make a medical camp in the next days to distribute free medicine and to prevent any really serious diseases in Vrindavan or the surroundings. We will of course keep the website up to date and also add more pictures. 

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4 Replies to “Having Arrived in Vrindavan – 2 Sep 08”

  1. Omg! Look how big Kanu is! I havn’t seen you all in far to long. Hello from the Izzlars. We all want you to know that you are in our prayers and thoughts and that we are keeping up with you through cthe diary.

  2. It’s very interesting that a natural disaster, such as a flood, could also bring viruses to the people. It seems like so much destruction at once. I learned that, in the 1600’s, the Black Plague was a terrible virus that was killing hundreds of people daily in London. The thing that actually ended the plague was a terrible fire that destroyed much of the city… a blessing in disguise. The ways of nature can be very interesting.
    Ramona looks so beautiful in this photo, laughing. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it always the mot wonderful feeling when you get home? No matter what wonderful places you’ve been or what lovely things you have done, home is always the best place to be.