Move your Mind not only your Mala – 10 Feb 10


Mala Ferat Jug Bhaya Fira Na Man Ka Fer
Kar Ka Manka Dar De Man Ka Manka Fer

Kabir is saying here:
A lot of time passed turning your mala but your mind did not move,
Put away the beads from the hand and move the beads of your mind.

I love the lines of Kabir as he makes so nicely clear that the act of turning of the mala is not what makes you achieve anything. He says that for years you have been doing this ritual of turning the beads of your mala or rosary but your mind did not reach anywhere else.

I already said that I am not against using a mala. When someone is doing mantra meditation, the mala brings him back if the mind starts travelling. This is what the mala is for. But if it only becomes a tool for counting, then your main focus goes to the counting of how many rounds of your mantra you have done. Was it one, five or ten rounds? This is not important!

Unfortunately we use the mala for showing off how devoted we are and then use the counting for measuring this. Kabir is also saying that this is not the sense, it is not meditation and in this way it doesn’t bring you anywhere. It won’t give you anything else than some more ego for how many prayers you have said. Praying is not about counting. You want to move your mind, don’t lose this aim!

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  1. i agree movement is important especial if ur meditating. the position of ur hands, feet and posture of shoulders and alinement of ur head. i been streching and helps heal ur body with mind !