Your Perception changes your World – 21 Oct 15


I know I have just recently written about seeing the world around you positively but as it is a very important topic – especially if you think about the high amount of people who suffer from burnout and depression – I would like to write about it today once more. About the art of seeing good in what is happening around you!

We all have different ways of seeing reality. That is one of the basics of every psychological study: what you experience is never exactly the same as what another person experiences because you have a different background. Even twins have a different perception because they have made different experiences.

One of the big parts that play a role in this is your upbringing. How did your parents raise you, which values did they feel are important and how did they help you see the world? The answers to these questions give you a basic idea on how you see the world around you.

The next big influence on you is your culture. The country that you live in, the basic ideals and values that are common to most people around you. It is broader than what only your parents taught you and it gives you a certain viewpoint which changes your reality. Ramona and I see this regularly and in so many things! Without going into detail now, we have a very different way of taking news due to the different places on this earth that we come from! Of course everyone is unique and different but culture does have an impression on you which you can hardly avoid!

Finally, your momentary situation, where you are in life at this point, influences your perception on what is happening around you. Let me give you a few examples: a woman who has the wish to become pregnant or is pregnant herself, will all of a sudden notice a lot of pregnant women around her. They were there before, too – but now she notices them because her mind is focused on this state!

If you are very busy in your job and constantly think of work-related matters, you have not time to see and appreciate the beauty of your town and what the people around you are doing. It is all there but once your current task is over, it is as though you see it all for the first time!

When you are freshly in love, the whole world seems to be beautiful, wonderful, fantastic and amazing! You feel like everyone around you is lovely and there is nothing but love in this world.

Finally, if you are in trouble, there are always bad things everywhere you look. Nothing can be good or beautiful because you are in your cloud of dark thoughts!

Why am I pointing this all out? I think it is important to know that you have another possibility as well! That you can actually see things differently! You need to change your point of view and already, things will be better!

It can be difficult to really change some of the deeply rooted basics of your thinking and feeling. It can happen though! But you don’t need to start with this – you can definitely work on how you see things depending on your current situation! Catch yourself when your thoughts a going a negative direction and remind yourself that this is due to your current negative perception! You can think different as well! Create another path of thinking for yourself!

I believe it is important – because it will give you a completely new positivity, calm and peace. It can actually help you lead a happier life!

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