Do you Enjoy being a Victim? – 24 Feb 09

Today I had a very interesting talk with my dear friends Roger and Mady. I was sharing some of my experiences with them. On my journeys I meet many people and as a healer I have to face many problems which are routed deeply in people’s hearts. When I analyze their problems psychologically there is always this question if they really wish to be cured.

I often meet people who come to me for healing particular issues and they tell me that they are since many years suffering from this, this and this. But many times I feel that they are not ready to leave these problems. They want to hold them and keep them because if their problem is gone, they will miss it. They do not find anything with which they could replace it. They will not have any issue. After spending some time with a problem, the problem becomes a companion and they like to keep it. After a while with this problem they like to be in the role of the victim.

They do not want to remove the label of victim. They pretend to the outer world that it is a problem but they do not make a decision to leave their problem. People who have received sympathy because of their problem will miss this sympathy because they got used to it and like it.

I am healer and I would like to give them healing in a smooth way like a sweet tablet which cures them but sometimes it is necessary to give them a bitter tablet, sometimes it is also necessary to give them an injection and sometimes it is even necessary to do surgery. And I do it because my aim is to cure and to heal them.

5 Replies to “Do you Enjoy being a Victim? – 24 Feb 09”

  1. When we come from that victim place inside of us, we are reflecting an archaic belief that began during our pre- and perinatal experience. It was the perception of what happened to us and what we made it mean about ourselves – that prompted us to take on this archaic belief. Imprints were created during the prenatal time and continue to be repeated as we move forward after birth.

  2. I don’t understand how people feel some kind of pleasure while telling others that they are victims of something or somebody. It’s easier to hang out and neglect everything while being in a bad mood, then solving problems and start to lead a happy life.

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