Respect Food – Do not Waste it – 18 Sep 09


Yesterday I wrote that many people are too poor to buy their food, not only in India but also in other countries of the world while in other places people throw away food because they buy too much at once and it just gets bad. But for me it is not so much about money as it is about respect and love for your food.

I would like to ask everybody, please respect food. I said many times that your stomach is not a garbage box. You are doing something important when you are eating. Look at the food that you buy and that you cook and realize that it is very precious. It has a big value, without it you wouldn’t be able to survive. This I feel is a part of the culture that I come from. In India people worship each grain as God and they consider it as a sin to throw away food. They prefer cooking daily fresh and cooking that amount which they want to eat.

Of course I am not talking about big hotels or metropolises like Delhi and Bombay which have changed much already. I am talking about the cities and villages and the people there which are a big majority of the Indian population.

I also know many people in the west who do take care that food is not wasted. I just want to ask everybody to love and respect their food. If you see God in what you are eating, in the things that nourish your body, when food is valuable for you, then it is not only a question about money if you throw away food or not. While cooking everyone should feel that they are doing something important and everybody should be aware of this while eating, too. And then you love your food and take care that you don’t waste it.


  1. Mary-Kate Thomson

    This sentiment is very close to my heart – such a beautiful way to put it :o) I try to teach my son this very important thing and it is difficult when you live in a place where everything is there for you!!! I will let him read this :o) thank you Swami

  2. Kelly Lawler

    You are quite a revelation in todays world, so glad I came across your page. Peace and Love

  3. Jake

    First what we need are programs teaching people not to waste. And second what we need, what we absolutely need, is a way to use waste besides having it rot and then burning it. There is enough going around the world to support those who have nothing.

  4. Emily

    Swami, I very much agree with your thoughts on the matter of food.
    Because I am from America, I must write my perspective from what I see in my country. The topic of food in America is a very sad subject, an illness in my opinion. For some reason, America has developed a mentality of emptiness, over-consumption, and neediness. Maybe it is that many people over-eat in order to satisfy other emotions left unfulfilled. But it is a complete tragedy. In a country where there is enough food to fill every belly (and more!), food is over-eaten and wasted every day. Obesity is an epidemic, while others are still starving and food is STILL wasted! The worst thing propelling this sickness is the food industry. When dining out at a restaurant, the portions served are massive– so people are bound to either over-eat or waste it. Some people take the left-overs home, but over time sitting in a fridge, food loses its prana, its life energy that nourishes the body.

    I also think this issue may have arisen because our culture thrives on change, freedom, and progress instead of tradition. We no longer learn to cook and harvest food from our ancestors. Many people never learn to cook and view food as coming from the grocery store or restaurants instead of from Mother Earth! As such, many Americans have lost the connection with food as being part of the earth, part of the body, and something that should be respected as much as the air we breathe.

    For whatever the reasons, America has an illness of the mind when it comes to food. I hope this can be healed with the coming generations and evolution of our species.

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