The Beauty of experiencing Changes together with real Friends – 29 Mar 15


Yesterday, Thomas and Iris arrived at the Ashram! It is always a happy time when they come and not only Apra has been extremely happy about their arrival!

We have a few very full months behind us with lots of guests and of course even more work than usual due to the restaurant. Now the past two weeks have been extra full here – and delightfully so, with a group of natural hair dressers some of whom have been here last year already. They had workshops, individual sessions, Yoga and Ayurveda and of course lots of fun! It was an intensive time that we enjoyed a lot.

Now we are preparing for the Himalaya journey, but before Yashendu leaves with that group, we have just a few days everyone together with our friends and we know how much we will love these days!

Thomas and Iris have come to the Ashram again after more than a year. I saw them in person the last time in September and while we have always been in touch over phone and skype, sitting together and actually talking face to face is so much better!

They have had changes in their lives, we have had many changes and as I had the topic of change on my mind last week already, as you know if you daily read my diary, I cannot help but appreciate our friendship throughout all these changes once more. There has been change from outside, from inside, from everywhere.

And we all accept it and flow with it. It feels so wonderful to be in the middle of change with friends by your side. You talk about the past, laugh about the ideas you had back then, remember how you looked like, smile about what you did and hug when you remember emotional times. You tell each other about the present and feel wonderful happiness for each other when seeing joy, excitement, love and satisfaction.

Then there are of course also thoughts of the future – and what could be nicer than making plans together? Shaping the future in our minds, dreaming and creating! There could be no brighter future and I know, we will go hand in hand towards it, even when thousands of kilometers separate us.

You know you have real friends, if your friendship feels like this!

Enjoy and love!