Vegetable Upama – Recipe for Semolina with Vegetables – 5 Mar 16


Today I want to give you the recipe for a tasty breakfast dish that originated in South India: Vegetable Upama. Upama is made from semolina and as the name says, in this recipe, we add vegetables as well!

Vegetable Upama – Semolina with Vegetables

A healthy and filling breakfast dish which is tasty on top! Try this South-Indian dish with our recipe!

How long does it take to prepare Vegetable Upama?

Preparation Time:
Cooking Time:
Total Time:


200 g Semolina
50 g Beans
50 g Carrots
50 g Cauliflower
10 Cashew Nuts
10 Raisins
10 Almonds
1 tbsp Vegetable Oil
1 tsp Black Mustard Seeds
5 Curry Leaves
250 ml Water
a Bunch of Fresh Coriander Leaves

Salt according to Taste
Maybe tomatoes and cucumber for decoration

How to prepare Vegetable Upama

Put the semolina into a pan without any fat and roast it for approximately five minutes. Keep on stirring, so that it gets evenly roasted. After five minutes, take it out of the pan and place it aside.

Wash the beans, carrots and cauliflower thoroughly and cut them into small pieces. Crush the cashew nuts and almonds into small pieces as well.

Now you take a deep pan and heat up the oil in it. Once it is hot, add the black mustard seeds and the curry leaves. Fry both of it together while stirring until you see that the mustard gets a darker colour. Add vegetables and nuts as well as raisins into the pan. Mix it all well and fry it for approximately ten minutes. In the meantime you can pick the coriander leaves.

After ten minutes, heat up the water. While this is happening, you can add the semolina into the pan and mix it all well. Once the water is hot, you can add it in as well. Sprinkle salt on top and mix it all well again.

Stir for another three minutes and finally add the coriander leaves as well. Mix it once more and then switch off your stove – you are ready!

If you want to decorate your Upama, you can press it into a bowl and then turn it out. Drape some cucumber and tomatoes around it – ready!

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