Thoughts of Travelling and Missing Home and Family – 5 Apr 08


Today, when I was sitting upstairs I saw the picture of my little friend Carolin. It is hanging in the hall in the first floor. Actually Carolin is now not so little anymore. I will see her again soon and maybe she has reached my height already. She is now ten years old and growing a lot. I am looking forward to seeing her in Erkelenz. It will be the second station of my program in Germany.

So I am looking forward to meeting my friends there but at the same time I started missing this here already. I just had a walk up to the gate and back and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere which is very special in the night, too, when you can see the stars. Yes, I will leave again for five months.

My Grandmother, who is more than eighty-five years old, heard today that we would leave the Ashram tomorrow night and not, as she thought on 7th April. She said: "But you told me you would go on 7th April, you made one day less!" She is very old, we do not know her exact age, but she is very fit in the mind and remembers dates and times exactly. So I had to explain her that the flight will be in morning on the 7th but that we have to be on airport three hours before that and as we need three hours to go to Delhi we need to start tomorrow. And then she said what she always says when I leave. She does not know how long she will live, if she will see me again or not. Nobody knows.

Yashendu is back since yesterday and also enjoys being here for the last days. Today someone from Germany celebrated her birthday in the Ashram by sponsoring the food. I am happy that more and more people take this opportunity to have this good feeling of feeding poor children! It is really great. You can see the pictures here.

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  1. The prospect of death is a very good teacher. We are born and very soon after we die. Knowing this fills me with an enthusiastic sense of urgency and reminds of the importance of enjoying every moment and the futility of misery.